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So when my friend Ashley over at The Big White Farmhouse suggested to Tabitha and myself that we start a book club together, I pretty much jumped up and down.  And when our pipe dreams began coming true as Ashley chose a book and created a Facebook page, I felt giddy.  Then the last two days happened (just... life.  Settling in here, sorting through the storage unit, dealing with tired, overwhelmed kids...) I kind of lost momentum and didn't post about it as I had planned.  

But I live by the motto better late than never, so we will take Wednesday, even though the goal was Monday!  And luckily, this week is simply Introduction Week, so if you feel so inclined, pop on over to our Facebook page, request to join, and tell us a little about yourself!

I stole this next little bit directly from Ashley's post about the book club because it so perfectly captures what we're trying to do, and lays out our book club format for you.

Our first book is going to be Make It Happen by Lara Casey.  We thought it was the perfect choice to start with since intentional living is what brought us together in the first place!  We will be reading and discussing this book for eight weeks, which takes us through June and July.  We think this is the perfect pace for the summer and it should be easy to fit the chapters in during all of your summer fun!

The reading schedule is as follows:
Week 1 (started Monday!): Introduction to the Book Club, "Welcome to your Start"
Week 2 (June 8): Chapters 1-3
Week 3 (June 15): Chapters 4-6
Week 4 (June 22): Chapters 7-9
Week 5 (June 29): Chapters 10-12
Week 6 (July 6): Steps #1 & #2
Week 7 (July 13): Step #3
Week 8 (July 20): Step #4 & #5

We've started a private Facebook group (join us here!) and every Monday will post a few questions to get the conversation going.  Feel free to pop in when you can to add your thoughts!  This book club is not meant to be stressful or add another commitment to your already full plate.  Our intention with this book club is to read a wide range of books while creating community.  We want our book club to be fun and something you look forward to!  


We would truly love to have you, whoever you are, wherever you're from, and believe that more voices lead to more learning and more growth, which is always our goal.

We really hope to see you there!

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  1. Hooray! This looks fun! I just requested to join the FB page.


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