Around Here: Week 31 2023

 {July 30- August 5th}

See those blue kayaks? And those specks? Those are the boys!

My little rule follower reading the rules on the jumpy house.

Sister with her literal hands full.

My little brother- all grown up and in his tattoo shop. So proud of him. 

Hugging... Josh, Wyatt and Jack when they got home on Sunday from Wenatchee.  Unfortunately in the night, Carly had come down with a fever so Josh stayed home with her and I headed out with the boys. While we were gone she finally got to feeling better and Josh took her out front to play chalk. Such a good daddy.

Meeting... my older brother, mom, nephews and neice for a swim day at Crescent Bar along the Columbia River. I was brave and drove the truck with kayaks in the back (my first time) and it was great! The boys and I had a good time. My brother and I had a heart to heart while at the river, and it touched me. There was definitely some healing on my part from his words. I'm so glad he was brave enough to talk to me. 

Leaving... to go to Seattle for a work training getaway with Josh.  Josh's mom came to stay with the kids and I felt so lucky to be able to join Josh and have some solo time while he was working. Plus in the evenings we got to just be together. We really needed that bit of couple time, talking and reconnecting. And I enjoyed every bit of the me time.  I slept, I watched TV, I blogged, I talked to my sister... it was so lovely. 

Gulping... as these kids are growing up. Jack was so helpful loading the kayaks this week, and they really stepped up helping when we were gone and Grandma was watching them. I am just still shocked that I don't have babies, toddlers or preschoolers anymore after years of having one or two or more of them. 

Getting... texts from grandma of her dahlias and smiling that a lot of our dahlias are the same since dad brought me some of her tubers year before last. 

Facing... so many wildfires in Washington state. Thankfully for the most part we haven't had a lot of smoke, but it is definitely concerning. 

Enjoying... a road trip with my mom, Wyatt and Carly as we headed to Vancouver (where I was born and raised).  We were headed there for my cousin Savanna's baby shower. I drove and we caravaned with my sister and her family, stopped at Burgerville (my favorite!) for lunch about halfway, then kept on and went to my cousin's house. She had dinner for us, which was so nice and she is just the most amazing host. She fed us every night and hosted us and all our kids. It was amazing and so much fun.  The kids really loved the hot tub and the bouncy house she rented for her little boy's birthday. 

Driving... over the bridge of the gods, which is absolutely terrifying (hah!) but it was fun to drive past some signs for the Pacific Crest Trail and to be back in the trees and out of the desert. It was also a fun drive with my mom, just talking, and (!) we drove a different way than I ever have before. So that was cool.  

Chatting... in the evening with my sister and cousin and their husbands about sex as married couples with kids, and oh we had lots of laughs. Then, (you won't believe this) after we got the kids to sleep at the hotel, mom and I suddenly heard lots of (very!) loud noise from next door that was quite explicit. It got so bad I had to call the front desk. Hahaha! My mom and I were dying. The poor lady working the front desk brought us cookies and ear plugs, and then talked to our neighbors. Bless her heart! What a night.

Spending... some time at the hotel as well, since that's where we stayed. It was Carly's first time at a hotel, and she unpacked into the drawers. It cracked me up. Oh she is just the best. Walking through life behind her, watching her take it in and appreciate all the details is the biggest blessing of my life. 

Running... around town on Saturday, visiting all our old houses and going into Barnes and Noble which was an absolute delight for me. Oh it was so jofyul.  The smell of the books, the stack my mom bought me... just my absolute happy place. Then we went to see my younger brother Dallas at his tattoo studio. He was so sweet explaining how tattoos work to Carly and giving her and Wyatt candy before they left. I'm so proud of him!

Meeting... my cousin and sister and all the kiddos at the park. It was so much fun.  Carly was melting my heart playing with her doll at the park. Rock climbing and pushing her in the swing. It was so cute.

Celebrating... Elliot's birthday with cupcakes and presents and the biggest bouncy house. They all had a great time. Carly made me laugh so hard when she stopped before entering the bouncy house, sat down in the grass and read all the rules posted on the outside. Then throughout the day she proceeded to remind everyone of the rules. No glasses.  No jumping without an adult present. No food or drink inside.  When I texted Josh that she did that he said, "Of course she did." It's so her.  I love that adorable little rule-follower. 

Watching... my sister with her girls and understanding why people at the grocery store would say to me when the kids were little, "Wow, you have your hands full!" Haha. It's such a dumb, obvious thing to say, but it's also accurate a lot of the time. And she didn't even have the baby that day!

Holding... Carly while she was homesick at bedtime Saturday night. My  mom took Wyatt and his cousins swimming in the hotel pool while I put Carly to bed early. Poor girl got so sad and was crying that she missed home. I think she just missed the familiarity of her own room and her normal routine. She finally fell asleep in my arms and I was so relieved for her. I know a lot of that was just her being exhausted from all the fun we're having. 


Needed this.

Came across this on IG. 
So, so true.

Raising Carly has been so healing for me.

What does Amazon think I'm doing in my free time? Haha!

I love, love, love this quote.

Love you all!
You're doing your best and that is enough!!!