around here: week 14 2021

 {March 28-April 3rd}

Arriving... home from vacation and feeling like it passed in a blink. Hah! But what a beautiful time we had, and being away from home always makes it feel special to be back again.

Laughing... at my dad's alien drawing on our chalk board.  He's always loved doodling, and it makes me smile. 

Struggling... to get back in the groove of school after a few days off.  Boy I cannot WAIT for next year when all the kids are supposed to go to school in their classrooms everyday with their teachers.  God bless teachers everywhere!

Proud... of Carly for cutting her own strawberries, and proud of the twins for cooking lunch for themselves.  One of the hardest and most rewarding things about having children is teaching them independence.  Teaching them to do things for themselves. 

Listening... to a new favorite song.  JJ Heller's Edelweiss which is on her I Dream of You Volume 2 album.  The whole album is magic, but that song especially reminds me so much of my grandma and her singing.  I use it to sing Carly to sleep at night, and while at first she was resistant to something new, now she asks for it. 

Gearing up... to go to the grocery store, and making the twins come with me (as punishment for bad behavior) only to arrive and find the shelves completely empty of what I needed.  The store's cold vegetable storage wasn't working, so there was no spinach, no peppers, no mushrooms, no lettuce... and the whole reason I went to the store was to get ingredients for Josh's daily salads. Sigh. 

Overthinking... just about everything. I feel like lately I can't make any decisions.  I would love any advice you have on not overthinking things.  How do you make decisions easily?

Sharing... my bookshelves and journals on Instagram.  I love seeing other people's bookshelves, so I felt inspired to share mine as well.  Then I went on to share my bookshelf full of journals.  I've been keeping a journal since I was 8 and have over a hundred. If you don't follow me on IG, you should.  I have  a regular account (shelly_cunningham26) as well as a reading account (shellyreadsbooks).  I'd love to have you!

Opening... a fun surprise package from Aunt Roxanne for Carly.  It had three of the CUTEST outfits for Carly, including what will be my new favorite shirt for her that has books on it. Swoon.  Thanks, Roxanne!

Starting... baseball practice for Wyatt's team this week and getting excited that some things are getting back to normal in our lives. 

Letting... the twins attend their first sleepover ever when their best friends (who are also identical twins) had a birthday party.  I am still not sure they will have more sleepovers in their future, but they were thrilled to get to go and we love that family so it was a win-win.

Taking... the twins to the orthodontist and finding out that they both need their wisdom teeth removed (especially Logan, whose tooth is growing back towards his throat!) before we can move into the next phase of braces for them.  After they have their wisdom teeth out, we should be able to start Phase 2 in the fall.  Their teeth already look amazing after Phase 1 of braces, but Phase 2 will adjust their bite/jaw and really perfect their handsome, dimpled smiles.

Attending... the boys' last basketball game of the season.  It was limited seating and we had to wear masks, but I was SO happy to sit in the bleachers and cheer for our boys as they faced off.  (It was an intermural game, so the boys played each other) It was also really good to see my friends in the stands, cheering for their kids.  I have so missed being out in the community this last year. 

Starting... on CPAP for my sleep apnea and trying to figure out which mask works best for me.  Getting used to the blowing air up my nose is hard, but luckily there is a ramp option which slowly builds to the full level over time.  I am still a bit embarrassed that I even have to have the CPAP machine, but I'm working to push through that.  I'm trying to keep in mind that it has the potential to change my life by giving me energy and making me healthier.

Chalking... with Carly and remembering a quote I heard recently about doing things just because you enjoy them.  There are no awards for chalking, but it makes me happy, so I am going to try and do it more often.  Same with many of the creative things I do so rarely.

Sending... the kids with Josh to his parents' land to participate in an Easter egg hunt with their cousins who are in town for spring break.  Josh's mom filled the eggs and planned the whole thing. It was so special.  The kids had a blast!

Getting... the best phone call telling me that after spring break Wyatt will go back to school full time, and the twins will be able to attend twice a week.  We are all so excited!!!


around here: week 13 2021

 {March 21-27th}

Laughing... when Carly stuck her head out the window and told me she was Grady in Josh's car.  I love that silly little girl so much. 

Receiving... the best mug from my sister.  It says "You Got This" and is exactly what I need to start my homeschool days.  I told her I wanted one that said "Here we fucking go again", but she knew better. ;)

Celebrating... my sister's birthday with Carly and Roxanne's kids at my mom's house.  It was so much fun.  We had sub sandwiches and homemade cake and got to talk and laugh and hang out all day. 

Loving... on baby Lu while we celebrated Roxanne's birthday.  She is the sweetest, most delicious baby ever and I can't believe how quick she is growing!

Meeting... with my psychiatrist via DoctoronDemand (can't say enough good things about it!) to discuss my meds.  Currently I have felt a little more depression & anxiety than I had been, so we decided to increase my prozac from 50mg to 60mg.  We will check back in a few weeks to see how that's going and talk about maybe increasing my blood pressure meds in the hopes it will decrease my migraines more. 

Enjoying... Carly and Molly's relationship.  Molly follows Carly around, stealing her hair pretties and little stuffed animals, and Carly is constantly walking into a room and awwing at the cute things Molly is doing.  I love them. 

Thankful... for Wyatt's little friends in the neighborhood.  After a year spent mostly with only his brothers, he is so happy about having friends over and playing. Me, too. 

Stunned... by our daughters beauty.  She is just magic. 

Cleaning and organizing... Wyatt's bedroom after it got so out of control.  Josh put together a new bed I ordered on Amazon, and his room looks great! 

Hitting the road... bright and early Thursday to head to Astoria for our little getaway.  We experienced sunshine, rain and even snow on our drive.  It was crazy and gorgeous.  

Enjoying... the view from our hotel room so much for those four days.  The hotel was right on the Columbia River, near the Astoria Bridge, and we loved watching the water, the boats, the giant cargo ships and the birds.  

Blogging... from our hotel room in an effort to catch up.  

Visiting... my grandparents in Rockaway while we were out of town.  It was so good to see them and hug them and catch up.  Grandpa's thumb looks so much better already, and while we were there Josh and I got to walk on the beach, our favorite. 

Meeting... them for lunch as well the next day and enjoying Arnie's Cafe in Warrenton. I am so grateful for all the time I get to spend with  my grandparents. I love them so much. 

Grateful... for the our parents for taking such good care of the kids while we were away.  We are so lucky!


Accurate. Haha!