Pumpkin Patch 2021

On Monday after school Josh and I decided to scoop up the kids and head to the pumpkin patch.  We were supposed to go last weekend, but Wyatt's asthma was too bad. So the kids and I picked Josh up on the way and off we went. 

The weather was just perfect. 
And the kids had so much fun. 

Wyatt & Josh played Cornhole.

The boys ran in the hamster wheels.

Carly jumped on the giant pillow trampoline.

Wyatt & Josh climbed to the top of the hay tower. 

And we all enjoyed feeding the animals. 

We also enjoyed water duck races. Lots of laughter and heavy competition.

This made me laugh. They're all too tall for it, so they had to crouch. Even Carly. haha!

Hay ride shenanigans.

Then we all picked pumpkins. Carly and Wyatt got big ones they could carve, and Josh got a big white one to sit on the front porch, but the rest of us got little ones that will make nice decorations for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

Such a fun family tradition the whole family enjoys. 


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