Around Here: Week 10 2022

 {March 6-12th}

(p.1) Nature is amazing. Nature is wonderful. Nature is a place for kids
(p.2) to grow up. Nature is a good place for kids to have adventures.

This is her safety advice:
"Chair"- Don't stand on chairs
"Buddy"- Always stay with your buddy
"Look both ways"- When crossing the street

(p.1) Lions roar to scare predators
(p.2) When cats put their tail up that means they're happy

Losing... my mind the night before my first sub job.  I was so nervous, there aren't even words.  Having not worked outside the home in over a decade made me very scared to put myself out there again. 
After sitting at the kitchen table while Josh and Samuel (his brother) were visiting and playing pool, tears sliding silently down my cheeks, I went upstairs to let myself cry a little harder and my mom called.  While talking to her, I realized that my big feels were not actually about working, subbing or the new technology I needed to learn on the job, but were actually about the fact that I am no longer strictly a stay-at-home mom.  
It feels like I have been laid off or fired from a job I really, really loved and was good at.  I wasn't ready to move on or retire.  I loved being a mama to littles.  I loved having babies and toddlers.  But those sweet little ones have grown, and now there are no Cunningham's underfoot.  I am left feeling, honestly, a little bereft. 

Facing... my first day of work and feeling the love and support of all my people.  Josh made copies of coloring sheets for my sub bag; my book club girls all texted me saying how lucky those kids were to have me as their sub that day and assured me that I would do great; and my sweet friend Christi (who teaches at my kids' school where I am subbing) popped in that morning to help me hook up the technology (smart board) I was so intimidated by. I was so grateful I could have cried. 

Celebrating... that I DID IT!!! I was so tired at the end of that first day, but it was a successful day, and I loved it. I love getting to know students and I love teaching.  That said, obviously I prefer being home full time, but I think getting out of the house (and earning a little bit of money) will be really good for me. I will say though that parenting after a day of working (specifically teaching) is v. v. difficult! I don't know how many times I told Josh and my friend Christi (both teachers) that I don't know how they do this everyday. They are heroes. 

Grateful... that the weather is warm enough and dry enough that Carly doesn't have to wear her snow pants to school everyday any more.  That was exhausting. Hah!
Also grateful that Josh makes our bed everyday.  There is just something about walking into our room with the bed already made that puts a smile on my face. 

Admiring... a tiny pansy Carly found in the front yard and picked to put in a vase. I love how she sees the beauty all around us. 
I also found myself admiring lots of her writing this week.  She wrote a non-fiction paper about lions (see above) all by herself, and while we were playing outside this week she wrote a little paper about nature. I just can't even.  She's so fun.  And the safety ideas she brought home from school killed me. She is so smart. 

Laughing... at Jack imitating me as a "parent" on some videos I shared on Facebook and Instagram.  Gosh that kid is FUNNY! He and his brothers make me crazy, but they also bring me so much joy, and so much laughter. 
Also laughing as Carly and I took Piper on her first walk.  We were about four houses from our driveway and I said aloud, "Well, this is terrible." And Carly responded, "Did you think it would be great?" Ha!!! That girl's sarcasm is unreal.  It's from her dad and brothers. 

Reading... Sleep, My Child, Forever by John Coston, which is a devastating true story, but horribly written; and listening to Invisible Women by Caroline Perez, which is so discouraging to listen to. 
Thankfully I was also reading Anne of Windy Poplars, which was so much fun.  It may be my favorite Anne of Green Gables book yet. 
On the way home from the park, Carly wanted to check out our Little Free Library, so I let her choose two books to bring home.  She loves that so much! 

Feeling... so bad for Logan when he suddenly got a migraine out of nowhere (which is usually how they happen) and he vomited over and over.  Finally he fell asleep and I was so relieved for him. 

Eating... all the farm fresh eggs as my mother-in-law's chickens started laying more after a winter lull.  

Watching... Wyatt build his current Kiwi Crate project, which was a portable lap desk he can use at bedtime if he wants to color or draw instead of reading. 

Driving... Logan to the skate park any time he has a spare moment and the weather cooperates.  He has been skating for a year now, and he's so good at it. It seems like every week or two he's mastering another trick.  It reminds me so much of my little brother. 

Challenging... myself with Wordle (it truly lives up to the hype!) and Qwordle.  Super fun, brain stretching games! 

Treating... myself Saturday morning to a really yummy breakfast and some quiet time.  I went through a gauntlet of emotions this week, and going back to work (even only for one day) was a lot.  So I honored that with a quiet start to the weekend. 

Loving... family movie night this week as it felt like we all needed a little time together, relaxing.  I cooked pizza for everyone and made brownies that we ate with ice cream while watching The Sandlot.  That movie is such a classic, so nostalgic for Josh and I, plus the kids love it. Overall, it was a top night. 




Tabitha Studer said...

omigosh! Mrs. Cunningham the substitute!! how lucky those kids were to have you! You are a rockstar! And that tiny pansy, sweetest, most precious thing ever, especially since it came from you thoughtful sweetie pie.

Marilynn Raatz said...

The basketball hoop looks so tall when Carly is playing! I'm so proud of Wyatt's building abilities - amazing!
Carly reminds me so much of you with her thoughtfulness and her writing. Was she mad in the picture with her legs and arms crossed? You used to do that....I love your blog and all of you!

Ashley said...

Congratulations on a successful first day of subbing! I haven't been in the workplace for a decade and a HALF at this point and I cannot imagine the emotions. Proud of you for facing it head on! xoxo

Mom24 said...

Miss your updates, I hope things are going well. xx