Around Here: Week 44 2022

 {October 30-November 5th}

"Love changes everything"??? Where does she get this stuff?
That's Josh and I on a date, drinking out of coconuts with umbrellas in them. 

"Throw one of those 'ol heifers on" 

We got the sweetest surprise from Aunt Julie-
a cookbook for my aspiring cooks!

Discovering... yet again that my love language is Josh telling me I'm a good mom. Words of affirmation from him just filly my bucket. 

Listening... to Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change on audiobook.  The title makes it sound like a dry read, but actually it's a mostly autobiographical book about the author and her being raised in an immigrant household and how she's now parenting her own children.  It includes lots of studies and information about motherhood which I loved, and she discusses the importance of mothering as a way of raising a better generation than the one before. So inspiring.

Grateful... to Josh for driving to pick Wyatt up from his cousin sleepover.  He is always so great about being willing to do the driving.  Meanwhile, I went to my writing group again Sunday, and the other kids did their weekly chores. 

Contemplating... breastfeeding and feeling awed that I fed Carly 5,475 times, totalling 1,825 hours and over 342 gallons of milk per year, for two years. It's the equivalent of a full time job, plus three weeks of vacation time. I loved that time in my life, with both Wyatt and Carly, so much.  I have no regrets.

Sending... Carly to school all dressed up for Halloween.  She was the cutest, sparkliest little witch you ever did see!  As we pulled up to the school in the parent drop off line, we saw the most incredible sight.  The kindergarten and first grade teachers were dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, Hammy, Jessie and the aliens from Toy Story.  It was the most fun drop off ever. Love those amazing teachers so much!! 

Suffering... a stuffy sinus with a headache most of Halloween.  Thankfully I took some Sudafed and ibuporfen before Halloween night, and was feeling better.  Phew!

Making... chicken and dumplings for dinner before the kids filled up on candy post trick or treating.   The twins went trick or treating with a group of other boys from school, while Carly, Wyatt & I hit up our neighborhood for a solid two hours and got so.much.candy! I was beyond grateful for the mild weather and Carly & Wyatt were extra thankful for all the candy!

Hearing... about a job that came up at Carly's school for an additional kindergarten teacher and wishing I could be the one to take it.  My desire to have the job; to work with their amazing kinder team; to rejoin the workforce full time, surprised me.  Hmmm...

Relishing... all the colors of the fall trees.  I can't get enough this year!  Carly really enjoyed gathering some up in our yard, laying in them and throwing them up in the air. 

Crying... to Josh about how worried I have been about Wyatt.  He was home sick all week, and despite a visit to the doctor for a special cough medicine, his cough is nearly constant. His throat hurts, and his peak flow is not good.  His nebulizer is not helping enough and he is just not getting well.  I am so tired from being up with him, worrying, counting his breaths, that by Friday, I almost took Carly to the middle school instead of the elementary school.  Haha! I needed some strong coffee by the end of the week, let me tell you. 
Jack has also been sick and was home Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week.  And Logan was home Wednesday with a migraine.  Unfortunately, while I was at the doctor's office with Wyatt, Logan's migraine got so bad he threw up. Thankfully he started feeling better after that. 

Loving... Carly's drawings.  She comes up with the cutest things to draw. And she is the most thoughtful girl. When I was crying to Josh on the phone about how worried I was about Wyatt's breathing, she ran off with some markers and made me a sign that said, "Fele bettr mom" with a rainbow. She's truly my sunshine. 

Consolidating... Carly's two tablets down to one and feeling so much happier with that set up.  We ordered her a new case and she's thrilled. 

Painting... Carly's nails and loving how they turned out. She's so cute and fun!

Laughing... at texts with teenagers.  On the daily the boys all have me cracking up at how they respond, what they say and the words they use.  "My bad, pimp" is a constant refrain when I yell at the boys for something.  "That's what's up," is another one, as is "bruh" or "bruv" instead of mom.
They will also say "I ain't no bitch," which they will use when I ask if they: want a jacket? need ibuprofen? should take a nap? I just roll my eyes and laugh with them.  I save my scolding for bigger things. 

Grateful... that towards the end of the week, Wyatt was getting a little more sleep at night with no middle of the night coughing and one day we were even able to make bread from scratch together, which he has never done. I was blown away by his initiative- I hardly helped at all! And the end result was so very yummy! Way to go, Wyatt!

Reading... so many books at once.  Haha! One day, randomly, Josh was like, "How many books are you reading?!" I had to stop and count. I am reading four physical books and two audiobooks currently.  The one I am LOVING most is Where The Lost Wander by Amy Harmon. It's about the Oregon Trail and I'm enjoying it so much!  He just laughed at me and shook his head. 

Spending... Saturday blogging and creating our annual family Christmas cards.  I am so excited for that orange Shutterfly box to show up on my porch!! 

"Homemaking is surely in reality the most important work in the world.  
What do ships, railways, mines, cars, government, etc. exist for 
except that people may be fed, warmed, and safe in their own homes? 
...The homemaker's job is one for which all other's exist." 
-C.S. Lewis


Killing myself this week looking back at old pictures...

Oh those babies!!

This made me think of my beloved grandparents.
They've lost so many over the years.

Carly has always been terrified of ants. 
I know think that maybe she's right, and they are scarier than spiders.

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