Week 49 Around Here {2019}


Wyatt & our boy

Grateful... for Josh and Jack who worked tirelessly to put up Christmas lights on our (now two story!) house this weekend.  It looks so wonderful.  Josh is the best and always does whatever I want, I'm so lucky!!

Finishing... my Christmas diamond art and framing it for the holidays.  It is so sparkly and gorgeous. I can't get over it!

Hosting... our Elf on the Shelf, Dashy, in our home again as we count down the days to Christmas.  The boys are thrilled that he is here again to play silly shenanigans and make our days cheery & bright.  Carly, however, after we find him in the mornings, says firmly, with her hand out, "But he's not even real." Like, "How is he doing all this crap? He's just a toy!" Haha! I love her sassy self.

Decorating... for Christmas, which included moving furniture in the living room (so the Christmas tree could be centered in the front window! So dreamy!!!) and taking out all the Christmas books, which is the kids' favorite part.  I love watching them pull out each ornament as well, and talk about it as they put it on the tree.  All of them seem to have been drawn to the same ones to play with when they were little.  The foam sparkly balls; the snowman with the dangly chain legs; and a few others.  I'm going to be sad when someday all the ornaments go on the tree and stay on the tree.

Letting... the kids have a family sleepover downstairs after we decorated for Christmas.  The twins slept on the pull out sleeper sofa in the living room under the Christmas tree, and Carly & Wyatt slept together on the couch in the family room with the twinkle lights strung along the branches of evergreen garland.  They were all thrilled to sleep somewhere other than their rooms and enjoyed reading books before bed in their special cozy spots.  Josh and I were grinches and slept in our real bed. Hah!

Waking... up to breakfast in bed on one of the boys' snow days because the twins were trying to butter me up to let their friends come over for the day.  Clever!
Well, they know the way to my heart because between my delicious breakfast sandwich and them rubbing my feet, they got their way.  We had a fun day with them and their friends home- I even made pancakes for lunch, which was a huge hit!

Driving... to the Humane Society the next day when Josh had the day off from school, but the boys didn't (he works in/they attend different districts).  So we took advantage of the time to ourselves and took just Carly to see what dogs were available.
After spending time with my mom's dog at our house last week, we decided it was time for us to get a dog, and this was the next step.
There were several good options- mostly German Shepherd and Black Lab mixes, and we came home with a few ideas of who might be a good fit for our family.  But I will admit that it was very (very) sad to see all the dogs (and cats) needing homes there.  I told Josh I was pretty sure we needed at least three dogs & five cats.  Ha!!

Going... back to the Humane Society with the whole family in tow after school on Thursday and finding a dog there who wasn't there on Tuesday.  His name is South (we will give him a new name when we can all agree on one that fits) and he's a two year old blonde German Shepherd.  He was thrilled to meet us, jumping up to "hug" us when we let him out of his kennel and giving us all kisses (licks) like crazy.  He just felt right, so we agreed that he would be "the one".  We will pick him up after he gets neutered next Wednesday!

Rejoicing... at no migraines all week! Hallelujah!

Reading... Being Mortal (still), as well as To The Bright Edge of the World (which I am loving- so much history about Alaska and Fort Vancouver, both places where I have lived!) and starting Rhythms of Renewal, which I think is great as I head into 2020. 
I am also listening to Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher on audio, and enjoying it so much.  It has such a cozy winter feel and was even the #1 recommended winter read on Modern Mrs. Darcy's Winter Read list.
Up next will be Elin Hilderbrand's new Paradise books (1 & 2) which I've had since last Christmas (the first one) and can't wait to dig in to!

{love this one}


Week 48 Around Here {2019}

{My "10 Year Challenge" Photo :: My how our family has grown!}
Walking... in the sunshine on Sunday and feeling so grateful for warmer temps.  We all needed to get out of the house so desperately after a cold and grey Saturday.  When we are out walking, or grabbing our mail, we love to say hi to our friendly neighbor dog who lives by our mailbox.  Link is the sweetest pup who is always up for a pet and a visit.  He's the best.

Making... tortillas with all the kids on Sunday while Josh was at the land again working on his dad's truck.  (The truck was being a beast and making it really difficult to accomplish what they were trying to do.  It took nearly all weekend!) So we made the best of it and tried to prepare for the week ahead.

Preparing... for company for Thanksgiving this week by cleaning house while Carly was at Grandma's on Monday.

Taking... the twins to the orthodontist super early Tuesday to adjust their bands.  Then Carly left her purse of pups there, and panic ensued.  Thankfully I am friends with our orthodontist's family and we were able to arrange a pick up, or Thanksgiving break would have been sad and puppy-less.  (Shout out to Feller Orthodontics!)

Loving... Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark lately.  It's my favorite Christmas time treat.

Mourning... the loss of our family friend Kenny who passed the day before Thanksgiving.  He and his beloved wife Shirley (who passed around the time Carly was born) were like an extra set of grandparents to my kids.  They adored our crew, and we loved them right back.

Hosting... Thanksgiving for my parents and sister's family.  My parents stayed with us, along with their puppy, Juno.  It was so fun to spend some time with them and we all fell in love with their dog!  My sister and I planned a day full of activities for our busy crew (together we have seven kids- five of whom are boys!) and it ended up being really fun!  We cut out snowflakes for my back door, made gratitude collages, decorated sugar cookies and they also did some diamond art my mom bought them.  The adults worked on a puzzle, which is my new favorite past time with my family (a tradition started by my Grandma Pansy) and took pictures of my dad as Santa with all the grandkids.
The food was a joint effort and I don't think any of us felt like we did too much, which was the best.  And the icing on the cake? Our husbands did the dishes! Way to go, Josh & Blake! {swoon} It was a really fun day and none of us wanted it to end.  It made me so grateful that we are all in the same state and able to celebrate holidays together like this so easily.

Spending... the last day with my parents going out to lunch and sending them off to the arcade with the kids while I stayed home with Josh and their sweet dog.  Juno is seriously the best dog and made it easy to see how a dog would fit into our lives.

Deciding... maybe it's time we get a dog of our own.  My mom said she would love to get us one as our Christmas gift, so Josh and I have begun looking at the local Humane Society and are seriously considering it.  It's equal parts scary & exciting!!!

Gasping... when I saw a rock in the windowsill in our stair well.  Upon further investigation, it was not a rock (phew!) but a pair of Jack's socks. sigh. {eye roll} When I questioned him about it, he assured me that it was on purpose (that kid!) to see if he could do it. Haha! Life is never dull with these kids around.
I texted my sister-in-law to commiserate and she said she had a pair of socks in her light fixture at the top of her stair case for years thanks to her boys.  #boymomlife

Sending... the twins off to a local hockey game with my dad and Uncle Blake on Friday night.  While they were at the game with their cousin Ferris eating yummy treats and cheering on the team, I was at my sister's house holding a baby she's watching for two weeks while his parents are away.  He has the most delicious dimples and I got to rock him to sleep! I haven't rocked a baby to sleep since Carly was little.  It was such a gift.