Around Here: Week 45 2020


Ringing... in my birthday month and looking forward to celebrating.  We had one get together a little before my birthday and it was so lovely. Just my parents and sister's family, along with my cousin.  It was so nice to see everyone and share an evening together.  My sister played a game where you had to answer questions about me (ie: favorite memory with me, what color reminded them of me or what flower, etc.) and it warmed my heart so much to hear all the kind things people had to say about me. 

Switching... the clocks back and enjoying that extra hour.  I remember when we had baby-babies, that hour of change would ruin our lives for weeks. But now springing forward and falling back are no big deal. How amazing is time?

Suffering... three migraines this week and hating how they can just ruin things. Even the day after, I feel sort of hung over. Like a pain where the pain had been. And the days I have the migraine originally, I tend to spend at least half the day in denial that one is coming on instead of just taking a pill. 

Walking... a few times this week with Josh.  I love our time out walking.  It's a chance to talk uninterrupted, and it has become sacred time. 

Having... Alvin, our nephew, over for a few hours one afternoon.  The boys love to play football and Minecraft with him, whereas Carly likes to play, "I'm the boss" haha! Alvin is a great sport with all the kids, but his patience with Carly especially is incredible.  She can be very particular (read: bossy) while playing, and Alvin takes it all in stride. 

Sending... Logan to my mom's for a sleepover.  He was so happy to have some one on one grandparent time, as well as some play time with his cousins.  My parents' new house is fantastic and he and my parents enjoyed hiking the trail by their house together. 

Getting... great news from my grandma about my grandpa.  His oncologist said he is doing really well.  He's responding the chemo treatments unlike anyone before him.  He isn't getting chills or having any negative side effects other than some mild tiredness.  His doctor said he needs about a month of continued treatment from here, and that this leukemia will not kill him.  It's the best news we could ask for, and I feel so so grateful.   

Hosting... my sister and her kiddos on Saturday, as well as my parents who came to join us for dinner.  The kids had so much fun playing and I am so thankful my sister and I have kids close in age. I love getting them together and knowing they are all having as much fun as we are. 

Checking in... with my psychiatrist while everyone was over Saturday. I had an appointment in the middle of the afternoon, which was not ideal, but it was a distance visit (like Zoom) so I just sent everyone upstairs so I could chat with her on my computer.  We decided to up my blood pressure medication so that I can try and prevent these migraines, and we talked about my finding a therapist to talk to as well.  

Loving... seeing my mom with her granddaughters.  For almost fifteen years my mom had only grandsons. First my nephew Isaiah; then my twins; then my sister's son Ferris; then my Wyatt; then my nephew Milo. So to see her now with two (adorable, fun) little girls is just a dream come true for all of us. 

Laughing... at Molly who now bats at the TV, especially, it seems when we're watching Schitt's Creek and David is on.  Also laughing at how I found Carly's Barbie girl, sitting on the toilet, with her skirt down so she could go potty. Man, I love that girl's imagination. 

Taking... Logan to the doctor after complaining for a few days that his hand hurt.  It turns out that it hurt because he broke it. You gotta be kidding me. Hah!  The story is hilarious.  (Well, in hindsight) He stubbed his toe, which had an ingrown toenail, and it hurt so much, that he punched the ground.  Punching the carpet, it turned out, had broken the bone in his hand below his pinky. Ouch!  Six weeks in a cast, though, and he should be as good as new. 

Letting... Molly join us to go pick up school lunches because why not?!? The kids had so much fun with her in the car, I imagine we will do it again soon.  #quarantinekittyforthewin

Watching... Schitt's Creek as well as election coverage, back to back this week. I can't get enough of either. 

Hearing... Carly and her BCF (Best Cousin Forever) giggling as they facetime each day during screen time.  I'm so glad they have each other. 

Reading... Little House In The Big Woods to the boys; listening to Denis Ever After and finishing Winter In Paradise. After Winter In Paradise, I started A Woman is No Man, and oh my goodness, this book. I learned so much about Arab Americans and so much about the many privileges I have as an American born girl.  

Looking... at my end of the year reading goals and my Book of The Month shelf.  As of October, I have 91 of 100 books read, and am so close (!) to completing the BOTM reading goals, too! I've read from all the genre's and only need to read one more book to meet the 2020 BOTM goals. 

Cheering... when days after the election, it was finally announced that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were the president and vice president-elect. It made me so proud to be a woman in America, and it made me so happy for my daughter and future generations. 


My mantra all week

Love this one


This has been on my heart lately, over & over again. 




Around Here: Week 44 2020

Excited... that my parents moved to Wenatchee this week. Now instead of being 4+ hours away, they are a little over an hour away. I am thrilled for myself, for them, and for my sister (who also lives in Wenatchee). I love the idea of all the memories we are going to make together with them close by. 

Giving... the boys the NWEA test and feeling proud of their results.  They tried hard and gave it their all, which was great to see. 

Dealing... with multiple migraines this week.  It's so hard not to get down on myself when I'm feeling this way.  I have to remind myself that my migraines are not my fault.  And to give myself grace. 

Grateful... that at least my rescue meds work to get rid of my migraines.  I feel awful for some time after I take them, but within four hours the migraine is completely gone and I can go about my day. 

Notetaking... along with the twins, showing them how it's done, and learning about different geologic processes in the meantime. 

Having... a few hours to get things done when my friends' daughter came over to work as a Mother's Helper.  She came with a bag full of toys and games, and Carly was enthralled every minute. I got more done in those two and a half hours than I had the entire week beforehand. Hah!

Praying... for grandpa as he endures another week of chemo, and feeling grateful both that he has grandma and that he isn't feeling yucky from the chemo. Such blessings abound.

Getting... Carly ready for a little Halloween gathering with her grandma & little friend. She was so excited the whole day, counting down the time until the party.  These days it's truly the little things that bring us joy. 

Voting... and feeling anxious for the outcome. 

Sending... Josh with Wyatt to Wyatt's sleep study this week to see if his central sleep apnea continues to be a problem.  We will have a follow up appointment (where we will get answers & a chance to chat with the sleep specialist) in November. 

Holding... Carly as she fell asleep after coming downstairs sad after bedtime one evening. I can't remember the last time she slept in my arms, and it felt, as always, like magic. Time is such a thief.  

Carving... pumpkins with Logan, Wyatt & Carly on Halloween.  Jack isn't a fan of pumpkin carving.  The smell and feel of pumpkin guts makes him queasy. So he wasn't interested this year. Wyatt worked tirelessly on his 79lb pumpkin, and the results were fun.  Carly was especially excited when it got dark enough to light candles inside them. I just love her enthusiasm for life. 

Reading... The Beauty In The Breaking and Anne of the Island. The Beauty In The Breaking is interesting because of all the medical stories, but the heart of it just isn't there for me. Anne of the Island has been a slow read (I don't like to rush through Anne's books) but such a lovely, comforting read. 

Impressed... by Carly's ability to make herself a parfait.  Apparently she saw one on a cartoon, and then got herself our sundae dish out of the hutch and proceeded to layer yogurt, berries & granola bits. It looked adorable and was delicious!

Listening... to The Adult Chair podcast with Michelle Chalfant and learning about tapping points.  I have been blown away by how effective they are when I'm experiencing pain or anxiety. Highly recommend. 

Laughing... at Jack's eyes, largely dilated, after an eye doctor appointment.  We call them "cute eyes" and the boys like to try & ask me for things I'd normally say no to. Haha!

Burning... candles to create a cozy feeling at home during our school days.  I sometimes struggle with summer ending, but knowing I can try to enjoy fall with good books & yummy candles helps.