Baseball Season

The twins' baseball season came to an end a few weeks ago, and what a great season it was!  We loved having Josh home for baseball to be assistant coach, and the twins improved in every aspect of the game. I was such a proud mama!

(Wyatt made best friends with the coach's daughter.
How adorable are these little friends?!?)



Around Here: Week 24

{Wyatt's embarrassed/proud face} 

Watching... Wyatt's class performance on Octopus at school.  He did so great, sang so loud and smiled so big.  Josh surprised both of us and took a half day so he could attend.  It meant so much to both me & Wyatt.  Wyatt told me it took him "100 hours" to cut out his octopus.  Hah!

Finishing... Confessions of a Domestic Failure and Dreamland Burning.  This puts me at 34 books for this year!  I loved both books and recommend them highly.  Dreamland Burning had me turning pages faster than I have in a long time, and Confessions of a Domestic Failure was both hilarious and validating talking about how hard it is to be a stay-at-home-mom.

Reading... Everything, Everything and when I'm done with that (probably this afternoon) I will be starting The Identicals by Elin Hildebrand and The Color Purple, which are all on my summer reading list from The Inspired Reading Book Club. (If you love reading, click over to our Facebook page and ask to be added.  One of us will approve you and you'll be on your way to a summer of reading awesomeness!  We'd love to have you.)

Swirling... in the chaos of what was our last week of school.  There has been activity after activity, and full backpacks coming home everyday this week.  Last night, around 11:30 I realized I hadn't posted anything about Wyatt's birthday on social media.  Josh accidentally drove to work with both sets of keys in his pockets, so I had to walk to school to take Wyatt's class his birthday cupcakes.  Which wouldn't have been a problem, except it was raining. Ha! Go figure!
We made it to the school, just a touch damp, and got to celebrate our little guy.  Then it was laundry and dinner, opening presents and doing dishes, showers, baths and and bedtime, and before I knew it, the day was nearly over.  I am happy to be taking a big breath today, knowing we will have a nice long break from our routine.

Celebrating... Wyatt's sixth birthday yesterday with homemade cake and a yummy meal-- drumsticks on the BBQ as well as corn on the cob.  He was so happy to open presents and share some cake with his brothers.  I was happy to celebrate our sweet little boy.

Crying... as I reminisced and wrote a birthday post about Wyatt this morning.  (Sometimes thinking back on hard times in my life, especially the miscarriages, can really get me!)

Embracing... the good and the bad of motherhood.  This week felt like one big dichotomy.  It was equal parts yelling & hugging; forgiving & laughing.  The boys are stretching their independence, which is mostly good, but can also mean trying things out (like sass-mouthing, or not doing their jobs) and that makes my job exhausting. I also think we were all a bit tense knowing this was the last week of school.  As much as I know we will enjoy summer, we also like knowing what's happening everyday, and we can all struggle a bit with change, so there was definitely some tension among us.  But there were also many, many tender moments sprinkled in, that allowed me to carry on despite the challenges.  Like overhearing Logan tell his classmate that his mom made "the best spice cake ever" for his birthday; or Wyatt telling me I was the best mom ever; or Carly giving me kisses and hugs out of nowhere as she plays.
Nearly a decade into my parenting gig, and I'm so grateful for the perspective I've earned.  I know that "this too shall pass" applies not only to the hard parts, but to the good parts as well, and it reminds me not to take any of this journey lightly or for granted.

Closing out... the 2016-2017 school year.  Today was the last day of school!!!  For summer we're looking forward to lots of reading, swimming and family time, as Josh has summer off as well.

Grateful... for the amazing year my boys had in public school.  We have been so, so blessed by the teachers and staff at our school, and I am so pleased with the decision we made to send them.

Prepping for... a huge birthday party tomorrow.  All three boys got to invite five friends to the party, and we'll have a house FULL to the brim of little boys.  They can't wait!!!


Six Years of Super Wy

This boy. This beautiful single baby that graced us eight years into marriage has walked me through some of the darkest times of my life.  We first learned of his existence when I had just started my third school year as a working mom, when everyday as I left his brothers behind, my heart would break.  He was a tiny spark in the dark.  

At the time I wondered what in the world God was doing.  We were broke, living in a dumpy duplex, struggling to make ends meet with the two we had while Josh was in college.  But, as always, God knew exactly what he was doing.  

I was five months pregnant when I decided to go out on a limb, quit my job, cash in my retirement for us to live on, trusting God that Josh would find a job for the next fall so I could follow my dreams and be a stay-at-home mom.

Come August Josh hugged a squishy eight-week-old Wyatt goodbye, and took off to start our Alaska adventure.  (We joined him four months later when the teacher housing was complete.)  During our time apart, Wyatt was my constant companion, my sunshine, my buddy.

Fast forward four years, and we were living in Alaska, ready to add another baby to our family when I learned that I had miscarried.  (More miscarriage posts here, here, here and here.)  Then, after the new year, I miscarried again.  It was a very, very sad time for me.  Hopelessness was waiting to envelope me.  But this boy (and his brothers) needed me.  And that's all I needed to carry on. 

He has always been such a light in our family.  Making us laugh, keeping us wondering about life, and being adorable.  (I mean, look at these pictures!)

When Josh was gone again for the year I was pregnant with/giving birth to Carly, Wyatt and I leaned, hard, on each other, knowing we each knew how it felt to be "breaking apart" from Josh when he would leave.

Now, I feel like we are in a sweet spot.  We have Carly, our rainbow baby; we have Josh, our beloved Daddy; and we have a home where we all live together.  Instead of Wyatt carrying me through heart break, or me carrying Wyatt through heartbreak, we're together, enjoying the simple pleasures of our small, beautiful, family life.  Corn on the cob at dinner (his favorite), bedtime snuggles with Carly (also his favorite), and reading books together (my favorite).  We are so blessed.

Yesterday Wyatt turned six years old.  He is such a wise, old soul.  He's taught me so much about faith (If God takes your baby, and it goes to heaven, all the grandma's in heaven are there to take care of it); about kindness (it feels good in your heart too!) and about sloths (because, let's be real, sloths are cool. --and did you know? they can hold their breath for up to 45 minutes while swimming and they are faster in water than on land, so they prefer to move in water).  He keeps me on my toes always (Which end of the worm is the head? If a worm isn't an insect, what is it? What is a "universe"?), and is the most emotionally connected person in the household.  Jack had a consequence the other day and he sobbed for over thirty minutes about it, which made Wyatt come to me crying, trying to figure out ways to help cheer Jack up.  He is so empathetic.  I love that about him.  He also often cries when Carly is crying.  

He's growing up to be one fascinating, tender hearted, smart kid and I couldn't be more proud to call him my own.


Super Wy, 
I am so glad you're mine.  You are a treasure, a joy and the light of my life.  I am so grateful God knew I needed a Wyatt in my life.

Happy Birthday, buddy.

Love, Mom


Around Here: Week 23

Logan & Jack
June 6, 2008

Logan at his first-ever class party
Jack playing Four Corners at his first-ever class party

Finishing... Stone Fox, Bear Town and The Mountain Between Us.  I didn't love Stone Fox, the ending was too abrupt, although the twins loved it; and I also didn't love Bear Town.  I never fell in love with any of the characters, and the ending felt weak to me.  And The Mountain Between Us had me reading late into the night, but towards the end it was too romantic (if that's possible), and sort of too good to be true. I guess what we can say is that I am very particular about my endings.

Starting... Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing with the twins (love it!), The Dry on audio loan from the library (totally hooked, and the reader has an Australian accent, which is basically my favorite!), and Dreamland Burning (can't.stop.reading!).

Waiting... to read Confessions of a Domestic Failure; Everything, Everything; and The Whole Thing Together, which are on loan from the library.  So many good books, so little time!

Enjoying... a surprise visit from my grandparents.  I made them rhubarb pie; we took the twins out to a birthday lunch; and we enjoyed a walk to the school.  It was a casual trip, but any time with my grandparents is so treasured, that it felt special anyway.

Celebrating... two 9-year-olds this week!!!  June 6th Logan & Jack turned nine.  Monday we had Jack's class party (he passed out Rice Krispie treats & York Peppermint patties) & Tuesday was Logan's class party (he requested homemade chocolate chip cookies, so I made 60+ cookies for him).
For their birthday dinner we ate in the living room & watched a movie after they opened their presents-- squirt guns & Legos, can't go wrong.  Carly was so worn out from all the celebrations that she fell asleep in her high chair.

Allowing... fidget spinners in the house.  Josh is a teacher, and it took him a while to warm up to the idea after dealing with them all day.  Hah!

Sleeping... finally!  Yay Carly!!!

Ready... for summer.  Even though I am nervous (all the kids? home all day? week after week?) we're all ready for this routine to be done.  We're ready for freedom, relaxation & less worry about the clock that rules our lives!!!

Getting... organized in preparation for summer.  I really want the house prepared for having kids home 24/7.  I am sorting through our craft things, getting together summer workbooks, and making sure the toys are organized, too.  I also want my Summer Bucket List complete.

Reading... old journals from my pregnancy with the twins and just after they were born.  I was so much in love, both with Josh and our fresh, new babies, and I was so young! (Only 25!)  The most striking thing to me is how confident I felt in taking care of those two babies.  I was sure I could handle it. And I did.  Another is my complete and total faith in God to provide for our family.  I love looking back so much.  It reminds me how far I've come and what amazing things I've already done.

Hosting... a playdate for Wyatt with his best friend Charlie.  What a blessing to have a sweet friend in the neighborhood that loves Wyatt so much.  They are so cute together!

Grateful... for another mama chaperone on Wyatt's field trip to the fire station. She sent me picture after picture of our two cuties having fun.  It eased my mama heart so much since I couldn't go on the field trip myself.

Looking forward... to our last week of school (for Josh and the kids!) and to Wyatt's birthday this week (the 15th).  I can't wait to take cupcakes into his class.  I just know he'll be so happy!