I {horribly} forgot to mention
my VERY own mother!

She, too, has been {awesome}
and flexible about watching the boys

Thank you, Mom.

You rock!



Why is it that some lessons we have to learn over & over?
Just when I think I have a handle on my life,
God throws a challenge my way.

Carol having a growth.
Me needing to find different care for the boys.
Josh needing to pass a test.

It's always something new & different.
That brings with it serious stress.
And doubt.

Always the doubt.

Then, in the moment I need Him most, God prevails.

Carol's {soccer ball size} growth was removed today.
And was cancer free.

My sister & sister-in-law's have all agreed to care for the boys.
They will pitch in {for free} to help Josh & I get through.

And Josh found out today that he

God is good.
God is faithful.

And I need to trust.

two boys & a box

Bubs in a box
Fun, free entertainment that lasts for hours!


I bought the boys these slippers to wear at my mom's house. (she has tile floors...Brrr!)
I tried them on their feet.
And daddy tried them on their hands.

They thought it was hilarious!

What silly bubs!

jack, logan & gustav

the buddies



they LOVE grandma's piano


{Logan & Gustav}

Logan reading to himself

My Jack

Happy Gustav

daddy & the boys go to the beach

{Logan & Jack}

Just hanging out
in Seaside
with Daddy..


{Laura & Logan}

Auntie Laura pitching in & changing Bogey's diaper.
Josh said everyone was so awesome with the boys.

No high chairs meant free range eaters.

Time to get out of the hotel & hit the beach!

{Daddy & Jack}

{Rebecca & Logan}

She is such an amazing cousin.
She LOVES the boys.
And is SO helpful!

Gorgeous day for digging in the sand.

{Jack & Grandma Carol}


Carol, Lisa & the girls spent the weekend at the beach.
Josh decided (with Laura's help) to take the boys (by himself!) to the beach for a day trip to visit grandma.
I was home sick (sniffle, sniffle) and Josh thought I could use a day of rest.

{Jack & Rebecca}


And it's a doozy!
(He wanted the camera)

After beach play, it was time for dinner!
{Lisa, Mariah, Rebecca & Carol}

Logan contemplating tortilla chips.


They were in their jammies because they had already had baths.

{Laura & Jack}

Hit the road, Jack!

Home we go.

A great time was had by all,
according to daddy.


prayers for carol

Saturday Josh took the boys (with the amazing help of Auntie Laura & all the Cunningham clan) to meet his mom & sister in Seaside for some quality family time.

He said they had a great time, and Grandma Carol was overjoyed to see her boys.

I want to ask for your prayers for Carol.
She is scheduled for surgery at 8:30am Monday.
They will remove the growth & do a biopsy.
So we will know more after the surgery.We love you grandma.
And we are thinking good thoughts for a fast recovery!


friday bedtime

yummy, clean bogan boy

i just want to kiss his neck!

all ready for bed

what a silly face!

Jack-Jack, also all ready

brothers together

getting ready for story time with daddy

just wanted to share their yumminess with you