Our Reunion

I will let these first few reunion pics speak for themselves.


Me & my BFF Julie

My sister Roxanne, me & my mom

And us with our boys:
Ferris, Jack, Logan & Wyatt

The Cunningham Side of the Family
Wyatt, nephew Ethan, me, Josh, Josh's brother Samuel, his girlfriend Tiffanie, Josh's sister Julie, Josh's dad- Papa Carl, and his mom- Grandma Carol.  (Plus the twins being crazy in front!)

The Raatz Side of the Family
My dad- Papa Barry, my mom- "Nanny" Marilynn, me, Wyatt, Josh, my sister Roxanne.
My nephew Ferris, Logan & Jack

Josh's brother is hilarious.  
He had this sign to greet us with, and I will tell you, some of the looks we got (as a family of five walking off the plane to greet everyone) was hilarious!  

Oh man did we miss this crazy bunch!!!



Our Journey

 After weeks of preparation, and months of counting down, departure day finally arrived.

We woke up Saturday and immediately began crossing things off the list that were left to do.  There were a lot of low clouds, so I felt hesitant to believe we would actually make it out.  But at 9:00 Grant Aviation called and said our charter was on its way.  Only instead of the 207 we ordered (a smaller plane that seats five) they sent a caravan (a larger plane that seats nine) because their 207 was having mechanical issues.

Their sending a larger plane meant two of Josh's fellow teachers (Leah & Isaac) were able to hop on with us.  Joe drove us out to the airport, we met our pilot and the guys loaded the plane.

Before we knew it, we were in the air.  The landscape below was so green!  Wyatt sat on my lap for half the trip, and Josh's lap for half the trip.  He was pretty much terrified. He never screamed or cried, just held on for dear life every time we hit turbulence, which was pretty much constant on this flight.

About forty minutes later, we made it to Bethel.

Our landing was beautifully smooth.  Once on land, we gathered our luggage, and were driven over to the Alaska Airlines building.

The boys sat watching Spongebob on the TV while Josh and I checked our luggage and got our tickets.  Their behavior was perfection.  Quiet, calm & well behaved.  I felt so grateful!

After getting our luggage checked,
we walked from Alaska Airlines to Brothers' Restaurant with Leah to get lunch.

Josh and I got burgers, fries & a Coke, and for the boys we got two huge pizza slices to share.

The cost of our first meal out? $54!!!

Quick as a wink, it was time to get on our second flight, Bethel to Anchorage.  The flight was only an hour and went by fast.  Wyatt was less scared than our first flight, but still pretty nervous and kept saying, "I'm kinda scared."  Whenever we would hit turbulence he would cling for dear life to Josh or myself.  The flight from Bethel to Anchorage is maybe my favorite-- because it's short, and it's beautiful!  The view of those Alaska mountains from above is unlike anything else I've ever seen.

When we arrived in Anchorage, we walked off our plane, into the airport, over to the correct terminal, and onto our next plane, bound for Seattle.  This flight was a bit longer, a little over three hours, but it was great.  The kids were able to eat a snack and watch their tablets.  Plus, our one seat mate (we get a whole row, plus two seats across the aisle) was awesome!

He regaled me with stories of his life and he shared his jelly beans with Logan.
He was our in-flight hero.

A couple of airplane selfies later, and we landed happily in Washington State at SEA-TAC.

 While we were standing in line waiting to order our dinner at the airport, I noticed Wyatt was bent in half rubbing the floor.  I moved closer to see what he was doing, and that's when I saw what he saw-- sparkles littered throughout the tiles, shining in the bright lights.  He was entranced.

We had Burger King for dinner, which was only $24 in contrast with our $54 lunch, and the boys were overjoyed with the toys that came with their meals. 

I also had a banana and an apple.
They were awesome.

Then we had to get on the SEA-TAC train to get from where we were to the terminal our plane was departing from.  The twins and I stood.

Wyatt & Josh sat.

The twins were pretty adorable during the train ride.  I love how tickled they are by everything!

The escalator in particular was a favorite.  I wish I had thought to video tape the three of them figuring out how to get on and off the thing!

On our final flight, from Seattle to Portland, I sat next to Jack. It was a super quick flight and we were all super excited that we had almost made it home.

We made one final pit stop in the bathrooms after getting off our fourth (and final!) plane. 

Then it was onward...

To see our family & be reunited!