2012, you were kind

 After a rough start to my morning, the clouds rolled away,
and a beautiful day revealed itself.

 Logan & I went out into the sunshine to take pictures & visit the neighbor's dog.
We could tell it was going to be a beautiful day.

 So once Wyatt woke up from his nap,
we all bundled up and went out.

 It was about twenty-five degrees out, with just a slight breeze.
We loaded Logan & Wyatt in the sled on the way to the store.

 Wyatt wasn't sure what to think,
but he stayed on!

 We walked from our house to the store,
passing the school.

 {the road home}

 We ran into Augusta, who loves our boys.
She hugged every single one of us,

 then let us go on our merry way.
I love that we have friends here so much.

Mt. Pilcher from the main road.
We hiked Mt. Pilcher back in October. 

 At the store, we found a better sled for Wyatt.  
It was only $30! And helps him sit up.

 The twins were really happy because they both got to ride in the other sled.
We were happy because we found soda.
($15 for a 12 pack, but still...)

Walking back home, pulling the kids,
we jokingly decided we can't have anymore kids,
cause we can't pull anymore sleds!

We let the twins stop and play on the forklift. 

 They seriously LOVE that thing!

 When we got to the school, the twins bailed & ran to the playground.

 Pulling Wyatt up that hill was slow & steady.

 But the view from the top was, as usual, stunning.
The sun setting on the frozen Yukon.

 Up, up & away!

I can't believe last time I was there, there was no snow!

 Wyatt was so happy to be in my arms!

 He went on the slide once,

 But really he just wanted mommy.

Spending the afternoon with my beautiful little family
together enjoying nature and each other
was the perfect way to close 2012.

"A happy family is but an earlier heaven."
-George Bernard Shaw

Parenting is hard

Parenting is hard.

Some days parenting is really hard.

Today is one of those days.  Usually parenting is more difficult for me when I am tired.  And today I am very, very tired.  Night before last it was my own fault, I went to bed too late.  But last night I was in bed by 10:30pm, and fell asleep quickly, but Wyatt is teething and was up too many times to count.  My eyes are burning.

I want nothing more than to sleep.
To close my eyes and enjoy a peaceful slumber,
but instead I am up with our three very awake little boys.
And it sucks.

I think I may still be suffering a bit of post holiday letdown,
plus the exhaustion,
plus a lack of normal routine,
plus a bad weigh-in yesterday...
All of it together is making this morning feel quite daunting.

Wyatt is teething both his eyeteeth, as well as that stinking fourth molar that is taking its sweet ol' time coming all the way in.  His upper gums look terrible. So swollen, bits of pearly white poking through everywhere.  The poor kid. His poor mom.

When I am tired, I am less patient. In a perfect world, this lack of patience would lead to better behaved children. Not worse

But I don't live in a perfect world. So on my least patient days my children are the worst behaved.
They sense my emotions, my impatience, my frustration, and they respond in kind.
With their own emotions, their own impatience, their own frustration.  

Four and a half years in, 
and I am still constantly amazed by the way in which I set the emotions in the house.

 If I am happy, they are happy. 
If I am sad, they are sad.  
It's very powerful. 
And, at times, overwhelming.

This morning I sat on the couch, hugging Jack and apologizing for yelling at him, crying.
He asked why I was crying and I said that losing my temper with him makes me feel bad.
And I'm just so tired.  

He hugged me back tightly, said he forgave me for yelling at him,
and said, "You are tired because Wyatt woke you up so much, so much, so much times?
Because he's teething?"

Yes, dear sweet, smart boy.

...I am so lucky 

Even on my frustrating days, I am so blessed. 

{sidenote: I recently gave the boys my best haircut to date!}
I am blessed to have boys who understand even mommy makes mistakes. 

I am blessed to have boys who forgive (and forget) so easily.  
"It's okay, mommy," as they skip away happily to play dinosaurs.

Parenting is hard.
But that's okay.
They're worth it.


Room Re-do's & a New Me

Just before Christmas I got on a room re-do kick.

It started with the boys' playroom. 

 I figured they'd be getting overloaded with new toys, 
and organizing what they already had just made sense!

 So I rearranged, swept, mopped, re-did the closet, 
and sorted through all their toys to get rid of any old or broken ones.

I hope, in the new year,
to be able to buy a rug & a toybox
for the playroom.

 But even making due with what we have,
I was very happy with the results.

 Logan said, as he walked in when I was done,
"Thanks for the new playroom, mom.
It's amazing!"

 I also was inspired to rearrange our master bedroom.  The bed used to be under the window, which was cold for two reasons. One, our heads were up against the window; and two, the bed blocked the heater.

It definitely feels warmer in our room now, 

 and I am much happier with the set up.
I like the bookshelf being by the couch,

and I like the dresser being near the closet.
I love how rearranging can make all your belongings & furniture feel new! 

As the new year approaches, I am not only working on organizing my house, I am also working on a new and improved me.  I have been trying to do my hair & make up everyday, or at least every other day.  It makes me feel so much better about myself.  And yesterday I ordered ProActiv for my acne.  It has been awful since we got here, and I am over it!  I have used ProActiv in the past, and it worked wonders.  I am hopeful it will work as well this time around.

I have also been trying to cut down on emotional eating, which is going well so far, and I have been trying to workout.  The flu (which lasted a total of two weeks in our house) threw us off our groove, but we are back at it this week, running 15 minutes each night once the kids are in bed, and last night I threw in 30 crunches, 5 (I'm so bummed I could only do five!) pushups and a 30 second plank.  I am hoping to increase these little exercises each day and {fingers crossed} tone my tummy!

I have also been doing lots of journaling, praying and reading, all of which feels so good to my soul.

I am getting excited for January 1.  
Bring on the resolutions!