farewell 2009

{Jack & Mommy}

{Daddy & Logan}

An idea for the new year

When Jack & Logan's "Baby's First Year" calendars ran out, I decided that a wall calendar was the best way for me to record what the boys are up to each day. So I went to Craft Warehouse, bought some blank calendars & made them each one. I have them hanging on the side of my fridge so that I remember to write things down. I use a set of mini colored sharpie markers to make them colorful!

Here's July 2009

August 2009

September 2009

October 2009

November 2009

December 2009
Each day I try to write down something new or adorable the boys have done. When we have doctor appointments I write down their new height & weight stats, and when they grow new teeth or get sick, I write it down as well. Then at the end of each month I choose a few pictures from that month to scrapbook. I think it will be fun for the boys to have to look back on.


What's in a name?

So as of yesterday the boys can say each others' names. And it is the most precious thing I have ever heard. I was dressing them for bed and they sometimes like to be put in one crib together to play while I read them a story. Logan was fussing for Jack and I said, "Tell Mommy what you want." And he signed & voiced "Jack". It sounds like "Dat", sometimes "Dack". So cute!
Then once Logan was in his jammies in his crib, I was changing Jack. I asked Jack, "Do you want to go in Logan's crib?"
And he signed & voiced "Logan". It sounds like "Nin." I feel like I have been waiting forever for them to ask for each other. Now they can. And it warms my heart!


Mommy's "helpers"

the day after...

December 26th...

We did nothing. All day.
Lounged in our jammies. All day.
Played with our babies. All day.
Enjoyed our family. All day.

Logan "borrowing" Elmo's binky.

The kid loves sweeping!

Seriously, I don't know a single person who loves sweeping as much as this kid!

Along with sweeping & playing with Elmo, we played Chase. Chase is Logan's favorite game, as you can see from his face!

I love you, Logan!

Playing Chase with my boys.

Their other favorite activity lately is spinning on our computer chair. Whoever is on the floor will push whoever is in the chair, round & round.

Sometimes they fall over!

After pushing Jack, Logan signs "Help", meaning he wants me to put him in the chair now for his turn.

Happy Logan, waiting for his turn to spin.

Snuggles for Sukie.


Daddy put this box by the door to recycle. Immediately Logan knocked it on its side, and it became a slide for the boys. So cute!

Overall, a great day with the boys.
Bye-bye Christmas!

Christmas Night

For dinner Christmas Night we headed to the Raatz' household, where we met up with my parents, two brothers & sister.
Logan, Mommy & Jack reading "The Sweet Smell of Christmas". I love this picture. Look how intrigued they are! So cute!

The boys were overjoyed with Aunt Roxanne & Uncle Blake showed up with Cousin Ferris!

Jack, Roxanne & Ferris

Ferris, Roxanne & Logan

Josh got to hold little Ferris for a while as he slept.

Nanny got Logan & Jack this little camera. Logan spent the whole night running around taking pictures. I suppose he is like his mommy!

The Raatz kids:
My older brother Dalton (29), myself (27), my younger sister, Roxanne (22) and my little brother, Dallas (20).

The whole gang:
Shawn & Dalton, Me & Logan, Josh & Ferris, Roxanne & Jack, Blake, Dallas & Megan.

The Cunningham Family

Jack & Logan

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Morning

Santa brought the boys a new kitchen! Logan loves it!

Such a cute morning face!

Jack was also thrilled with his new toy!

Our two little boys.

Jack & Logan say,
"Merry Christmas everyone!"

After playing with Santa's presents at home, we headed to Grandma & Papa Cunningham's for The Annual Cunningham Christmas Breakfast. Daddy & Aunt Laura did the cooking. Yum!

Gustav & Logan

It was a really nice morning at the Cunningham's. We caroled for Grandma's neighbor, opened gifts, ate WAY too much food, and enjoyed each others' company.