Nanny's House: Part 3 (Go Cart Racing)

The afternoon my sister left for her new hometown, my parents took ALL the boys to the go-cart track and let them have at it. My twins are allowed to drive (eek!!!) and my mom said they are actually really good drivers. 
I love that this is something special they do just with my mom.
Ferris, Milo, Logan
Papa, Milo, Wyatt, Ferris & Logan
Ferris & Jack :: Papa & Wyatt
Papa & Wyatt

Logan & Milo
Ferris & Jack
Logan & Milo
Papa & Wyatt
Wyatt, Ferris & Logan



Nanny's House: Part 2 (Shopping & Driving)

Our trip to Vancouver was the first I've taken by myself with any kids, let alone FOUR kids!  The drive there was great. Carly stayed very happy until we stopped for lunch, where I fed & nursed her, and then she napped.  We only stopped twice-- once to use the bathroom, and once for lunch.  That's a good trip for us!

The kids were so happy to see my mom (Nanny) & Carly fell in love with her dogs.  We also got a surprise when we discovered my grandparents were there!

I love mornings at my mom's.  The kids are in vacation mode, watching cartoons or playing on tablets... I drink coffee from the keurig (yum!) and read a book with Carly trapped in the living room with me. (It has french doors.  Best.invention.ever. Ha!)

Friday my mom, sister and nephew Milo went school clothes shopping with me and Wyatt. Meanwhile, my dad took our three big boys (the twins & Ferris) on a hike.

Wyatt and Carly were both enamored with my little brother's dog Basil.  (Baz-uhl)  He was so sweet, going in his crate and coming back out, playing with them.

My favorite spot in the house:

Saturday we took the twins school clothes shopping and my sister & dad kept Carly & Wyatt.  The twins (especially Jack) have a very specific sense of fashion, and I was determined this year to come with only clothes they will wear. (Last year we ended up with a lot of shirts they refused to wear or would only wear if forced.)

This jacket didn't make the cut- it was un-washable. Can you imagine?

Logan's jean jacket did make the cut. And he was so happy!

When we got home from the mall (where we also got clothes for Carly, swoon!) my aunt & cousin came over so we could meet my cousin's baby! (more pictures of that to come!)

The last night we were in town, we went to Target to look at jeans, and really just ended up looking at everything!  The twins cracked me up by climbing into the double cart like the old days!  Mom spoiled me and got me a new desk calendar (for blog planning!) and a planner (for life planning!) and some new pens. I was so happy & grateful!

The drive home was not as smooth as the drive to Vancouver.  We stopped twice-- once for lunch and once for the bathroom; hit traffic at one point due to construction & Wyatt had to share his tablet, which lead to a humongous tantrum, which lead to him waking Carly up, which lead to a very (very) long drive home. Sigh.

But they were amazing when we stopped for lunch-- the twins are so helpful and kind, a stranger even came up to me, and complimented them. It touched me.

Overall the trip was awesome, and I walked away feeling even more confident in myself.  I'm so glad we went!


Nanny's House: Part 1 (Cousins & Family)

We spent nearly a week at my parents' house in Vancouver this month.  I was brave (!!!) and drove all four kids by myself.  There we were met by my sister and her two sons, who were also staying with my mom mid-move, as well as my mom's three dogs & my dog-nephew (He's the cute scottie you sill see below!)
We made so many memories, that I will share the pictures & adventures in multiple parts.

Fun in Nanny's backyard:
Logan & Jack
He's just so cute!

Carly & Nanny

A couple nights while we were there, we let the boys stay up late and go outside to tell "spooky stories" (which, with two 9yo's, a 7yo, a 6yo & a 5yo boy, just means a chance to use a flashlight and tell stories about poop & farts) before bed and the boys loved every minute of it. Hahah!

I stayed up way too late every night, but we packed each day with so much fun, that I honestly hardly noticed the exhaustion (except on the days it lead to migraines. frowny face)!

While we were there, my parents had a BBQ that both my brothers and grown nephew were able to attend, in addition to my sister & her kids.  It was one of the highlights of my trip, seeing those brothers, and getting the chance to take a few pictures of us all together.  They are both in really happy places in their lives and it makes me so glad for them. (I believe the amazing women they're dating have a lot to do with their happiness! Sweet girls!)

Nanny & Papa
+ all the grandkids!

At the end of our time, my sister's house closed, her husband got keys, and it was time for her to say goodbye to Vancouver (and my mom) and leave for a new adventure with her family.  It was heart wrenching watching her and my mom say farewell.  

I am sad for my mom that Roxanne isn't there anymore, but elated because she and her husband moved closer to me (!)-- only an hour and a half away.  And those cousins? They are stoked about that!