not even cold

 This morning we bundled up the troops and headed to the school for Saturday Social.  After layering our boys (shirts, sweaters, coats; jeans, snow pants, boots; gloves, hats, coats; and finally scarves) we headed out to a gorgeous, albeit cold day in the Yukon Delta.  It was -20, with no wind.  Jack and Logan both pulled their scarves off declaring, "It's not even cold, mom!"

Josh lead us over to the school, carrying our 35 pound baby and once we reached his classroom we took off all our gear.  We have it down to a science now.  The twins put their individual gear on their own chairs so we aren't having to check sizes or anything when we're trying to get ready to go back home again.

Once we were all out of our snow gear, and the boys had put on the shoes Josh keeps in his classroom for their visits, we headed into the gym where all kinds of raucous screaming and game playing began. After being cooped up in our house all week, it is so good to see them RUN.

{The frozen Yukon River}
After about an hour of running them ragged, we knew it was time to go.  Just as we were heading down the hall to leave, Josh got a call (he's playing principal this weekend while ours is away) and he had to go unload freight for the school's kitchen while I was left to gear up all three boys by myself.


Wyatt was NOT in the best of spirits. The poor kid HATES his snow gear.

Logan was trying to play Lego's instead of getting his gear on.

And Jack was drinking water from the water fountain like it was going out of style,
and making a righteous mess while he was at it.

I finally got them all geared up, and Josh walked in the door.
I laughed at the timing, and we marched down the hall.

Once outside the boys started climbing around on the snow,
slipping on the patches of ice, and squinting at the rising sun.
{It was noon.}

It was so beautiful, and I was so happy to not be in my house,
that I asked Josh to snap some pictures for me.

 Earlier this week Josh texted me:

"I love you so much today.  
Thank you for being so supportive of what we are doing here.  
It means a lot that you let me do a job I love.  
I know it will be crazy next year with me back in school, 
but our lives will be better because of it.  
I love you so much."

Sometimes raising three kids on the tundra in the middle of nowhere is challenging.
Sometimes not having real creamer for my coffee is irritating.
Sometimes not being with my extended family is heartbreaking.

But having that guy by my side, having him there through it all, is inspiring.

I texted this back:

"I am happy to support you in following your dreams.  
You make me proud.  
Next year will be nuts, but time has proven we can do hard things.  
Nothing was as bad as being apart.  
And even that just made us stronger.  
It is all worth it to make a brighter future for our family.  
I am so happy to be here by your side."

And with his hand in mine,
I'm not even cold.


Rox said...

The last line made me tear up. Just the sweetest.

You will TREASURE these pictures, I just know it. It might seem annoying to wrangle the children for a picture, or as someone to take some of the 5 of you... but the stories you tell from your years in the tundra will be even better with pictures to go along.

Rox said...

P.S. Totally off subject, but how is life sans facebook? I'm kind of hoping for a "follow up" post. ;)

Tope Odubela said...

awww! so sweet. i pray your love for each other wax stronger as you both grow older. am so happy to see marriages that work
P.S: Having some issues with mine

Barb Miller said...

What a lovely post, Shelly. Another one that made me teary-eyed...thank you for your honesty and vulnerability which you share so freely in your writing!

By the way, you look gorgeous in the photos, especially the first one!

Jolene Garrett said...

I just want to say I love this post I love the pics Oh my you and the three boys what a great pic to print and frame. You just keep on posting such wonderful things. love ya girl your just and amazing person.

Unknown said...

Awww, love!