handsome haircuts

I took this picture of the boys today while we were out running errands. They each got their hair cut this week.

Jack's appointment was Monday morning.

He had to sit in my lap, was super clingy & asked "all done? all done?" over and over again.

Logan's appointment was Tuesday morning.

He sat in the chair (with a booster) all by himself, smiled & flirted with the hairstylist, and sat perfectly still the whole time.

It is amazing to me how different the two of them are. Luckily they were both able to get great haircuts. They look so handsome, and so grown up!


March, march, march

My favorite posts are those where I can look back at where I was, and see how far I've come. To look at what I was worried about, what I enjoyed and where I am now.

This is March 2008:
Here I am 26 weeks pregnant, at my first of five baby showers.
I was incredibly worried about keeping the babies cooking for as long as possible. I was terrified that my gallbladder attacks would send me into pre-term labor. The goal for the time being: stay pregnant.

And here I am 27 weeks pregnant.
(Can you believe I went 10 more weeks!?!)
I was happy to be ending my second trimester with two babies still growing in my ever-expanding belly. I was NOT happy to be on a low fat diet (I worried about how I would provide the nutrients my growing boys required), but I was happy to be taken off work. Bedrest was just what the doctor ordered... literally.

Fast Forward to March 2009:
I had successfully delivered two happy, healthy babies;
I had stayed home with them for five months;
and I had transitioned to "working mommy."

We were preparing for Spring Break,
spent in Moses Lake & at the coast.
The boys were 9 months old, crawling,
learning to clap & wave, knocking over towers,
and had become scared of the dark.

And finally March 2010:
Now the boys are nearly 22 months.
Their second birthday awaits us.
They are talking & signing, learning to take turns,
stacking their cups, learning their colors,
and enjoy being outside best.

I am still a "working mommy",
but there is a light at the end of my tunnel.
I feel more bonded to these beautiful boys
than I ever could have imagined.
And I find myself thanking God everyday for the journey
I have been on for the last two years.

Because despite its ups and downs,
it's been my journey.
And what a journey it's been.

Sunday Saver

Josh had plans today to hang out with one of his buddies, so I made plans with Roxanne to go to Saturday Market. The local northwest weather had other plans!

So instead of getting out & about, Roxanne & Ferris came to play.
And save the day!

{Handsome Jack}

They were both so happy to see Ferris & Roxanne.

Ferris loves them, too.

They try to help out, be gentle & play with him,
but this is what it looks like!

{Ferris, Logan & Mommy}
Man! Logan looks like his momma in this picture.

{Ferris & Aunt Shelly}

{Jack, Mommy & Ferris}
When Ferris fell asleep, I was holding him, so I took the chance to snuggle a sleeping baby (of course!). My "baby" was a wee bit jealous, and climbed up on the couch to snuggle with us.

Saying "No!"

...so easy, a one year old can do it.


Nanny taught the boys to sing
& dance to "Ring Around the Rosies"

Their favorite is "all fall down!"
{Of course!}

Ring around the rosies...

Pockets full of posies...

Ashes, ashes...

We all fall down!

Too much fun!


Here is Logan putting some "yotion" on his face. I squirt some into their pudgy hands, they rub them together and apply {aggressively} to their faces!

And here Jack is making a sincere effort to spread the "yotion" evenly on his sweet smiley cheeks. These kids crack me up!

Saturday Night!

I spent my Saturday night with these handsome devils!



Ice Cream Rennaisance

After our walk around Clark's campus
the boys & I got ice cream at my favorite place downtown.

The boys LOVED their miniature
chocolate & vanilla scoops.

More than that, they loved people watching
on the sidewalk outside the shop.

My sweetheart Jack

My baby boy Logan

I like ice cream,
but I LOVE these boys!

clark college

Saturday the boys and I were on our own, so I drove over Clark College and we roamed the campus. The boys enjoyed the freedom of walking on their own, climbing the stairs & running in the grass. I enjoyed the relative safety. No one was on campus and there wasn't a single car in the parking lot I parked in. The boys rambled along the sidewalks as I took pictures & played with the settings on my camera.

My favorite picture is the last one with Jack walking with his hands behind his back. My grandpa recently told me that his father & his uncle (my great grandfather & great great uncle) always walked this way, with their hands behind their backs. I think it's kind of cool to see a mannerism like that show up a generation or two later.