One is the number of the day...
We have been here one month.

We have had one great cousin playdate at Nanny's:

We have had one second cousin/great aunt gathering:

We have one boy from each sister who looks just like their Daddy:

(And one boy who was not interested in being in the grass!)

We had one fireside dinner with Julie's family:
Hot dogs, smores & trampoline jumping = fun for all our boys.

We went miniature golfing one time:

We have been to the zoo one time:

 We have gone to the beach one time.
(And will go again on Friday. Hooray!)

I have had one root canal.
(Poor me.)

We visited the boys' old preschool one day, 
and then had one case after another after another of Hand Foot & Mouth Disease:

There was one big birthday celebration last weekend:

And tomorrow the baby will officially turn one:

All of this has lead to one tired mama. 

I am ready for summer, for vacation, for sunshine and for healthy kids.
I am not ready for the baby to be a whole year old.
I am not ready for the other two cavities I need filled.
I was not ready to be up for the day at 4am this morning when Wyatt awoke.

Despite all of this, though, I am one happy mama, who is very in love with her boys.


Summer Vacation

We have been home two weeks, and I can't believe how fast those fourteen days have gone.  We have been busy settling in- buying a crib & rocker for the boys' room; setting up closets, the bathroom and getting things we need out of the storage unit.
We have also managed to squeeze in a bit of fun- getting together with family, dinners & BBQ's; a library trip with Daddy; a day at the zoo; a bit of shopping and a trip to the coast to see my beloved grandparents.

Driving to the beach to see my grandparents was awesome.  The weather was beautiful, and the drive was stunning.  So much green- the grass, the trees- and blue -the sky, the river- I just sat, staring out my window for most of the drive.

The twins watched a movie in the back.  And also slept for a bit.  But Super Wy did not sleep at all.

It's about a two hour drive, and I was nervous for Wyatt to be strapped in a carseat that long. He hasn't been in a carseat more than fifteen minutes since we got here.  But he did really well.

I will admit that coming home has been a bit overwhelming.  The first Sunday home we ran to Target with all three kids to pick up things like soap & shampoo.  On the sunscreen aisle I nearly lost it. There were so many choices, so many decisions.  Baby sunscreen? Spray sunscreen?  Chapstick sunscreen? How many? 
Being around the public again has been strange as well.  At the zoo I was surprised how many people were around and I felt myself feeling a bit claustrophobic.  But generally speaking we are very happy to be home. 

Everyone has been so happy to see us, and us them.  The weather has been fairly cooperative and we've enjoyed many bike rides to the park.  In the evenings when all three boys are down I've been enjoying sitting in Carol's backyard on her adirondack chairs, reading my Elin Hildebrand novels (a must for summer) or writing in my (86th!!!) journal, which I started this week.

The downtime has been awesome.  Going to bed early, taking turns sleeping in, days full of seeing family and running errands.  This downtime should be relaxing, but I was finding myself somewhat anxious all the time.  So I did some thinking and I have decided to stop going on Facebook for the time being, and also to quit blogging.

Josh was shocked when I told him.  But it has been feeling more like something on my to do list and less like something that I want to be spending my time doing.  I feel suddenly like I want to be living my life, not blogging it.

And so I am taking a blogging vacation. I may pop in here and there, let you know about exciting things that inspire me to blog, but I may not.

I will promise you, though, that once we are back in Marshall, I will get back to blogging again, because when I am there, it is my outlet, my way to stay connected to those I know and love.

I feel that stepping back from the computer will allow me to truly enjoy this vacation, make time to see everyone I want to see, squeeze in all the trips I want to squeeze in and allow me to focus on my boys.

Our trip to the beach was like that... Casual walks down to the main strip where we ate lunch, bought trinkets and saw the beach; a cozy night at grandma's house, bathing the boys (three in a row) in her tub and rubbing them dry with thick cozy towels; waking up in the morning to Grandpa making a fire and the boys asking to watch cartoons while I dozed on the couch.

It was perfection.

I am looking for more of that while we're home.

 More walks, more hand holding, more love.

There are so many memories to be made.

Memories that, once I am back in Marshall, I will be able to pull out and use to warm my frigid bones.  Memories that I can blog about come fall when I am stuck inside all day again.

Wyatt's first year has taught me that time goes fast. Too fast. 
Grandpa reiterated this point to me.  In January he turned 80.
Time just keeps slipping by.

So as cliche as it sounds, I am going to make time to stop and smell the roses.  I am going to sit on the beach and take it all in. I am going to rock my baby in that beige glider upstairs until long after he has fallen asleep.  And I am going to sit on the couch with my twins, those boys who, in three short days, will turn four, and watch SpongeBob because they want my company.

I am in love with this stage of my life.  I am married, with three small children, finally a stay-at-home mom, back in Washington on vacation, enjoying all my extended family, and loving every minute of it.  I don't want to spend a second doing something I don't enjoy.

Today I painted my toe nails, watched way too much TV with the twins, thanks to the rain, and made myself a gourmet sandwich for lunch. It was delish.

While the rain poured outside, we stayed in, where it was cozy, and made chocolate chip cookies.  Then we proceeded to eat them all.  With a little help.

I want to make time to see old friends, and make new ones.
I want so much for these next two months.

We head back to Marshall August 13th.  I will look forward to being home, having our own space and our own routines again, but I will also sorely miss everything the Northwest has to offer.

So while I am here, I want to soak it all in.

I also want to memorize these moments with my boys.

To explore with them, eyes wide open, every experience like brand new.

And I want to carry out traditions that I grew up with.
Weekend trips to Rockaway.
Camping at Cougar.
Swimming in the Washougal.

And while in Rockaway, tradition is
shopping at Flamingo Jim's.

This time complete with a flamingo car out front!

This beach trip was Wyatt's first experience in the sand.  

He dug his hands in, feeling it between his fingers.

Then he found a rock.

The silly bub.

And of course... it went...

right into...

his mouth!

Then he did what Jack always did when he was a baby at the beach, he laid down, face first and came up with a sandy drool beard.

 I love him!

Sandy beard and all!

 I tried to get some sand off of him (and his brothers) before we got home, but the tub was still full of sand after baths that night!

After playing at the beach, we walked home, treasures tucked into back pockets,

and we read bedtime stories with Papa Jerry.

Wyatt was so fun while we were visiting.
Crawling all over the place,

and being adorable.

It's pretty much ridiculous how cute that baby is.

I could eat his face!

And I'm  not the only one who loves him.

 His new crawling makes us all so proud of him!

He even showed Grandma & Grandpa a new trick- 
pulled himself up to standing on their coffee table.
Tricky little boy!
This summer will consist for us of  more bike rides,

more family time,

more reading,

and more journaling.

I am determined that there will be less distractions,

more clarity,

more joy,

and more gratitude.

I am in such a happy place this summer.
I am so blessed by these boys,

and by this baby,

and this man...

I am a lucky woman
and I am not going to take any of my blessings for granted.

So I will see you in the fall,
unless the mood strikes to write again in the meantime.

Have a happy summer!