The boys & daddy play...
Daddy builds a tower & Logan moves in for the knock-down!


Meanwhile, Jack was working on his newest instrument, the squeaker inside this toy. He puts it in his mouth, bites down, and squeak-squeak-squeaks his little heart out! What a smarty pants!

Jack's turn for the tower!

Daddy captured it on film, mid fall!

Well done, Jack-Jack!

Logan watched as Jack knocked the tower down. Perhaps he was taking notes?

Chomp chomping on his keys. What a big boy, propping himself up with only one arm!

The boys always find themselves under the coffee table.

That often leads to crabby boys with grouchy faces like this when they get stuck! I think he is wondering why daddy is taking pictures instead of getting him out from underneath that thing!


Friday I stayed home since I had a doctor appointment. I woke up early with the boys & fed them in their room since it was so cold in the living room. They were delighted to see me come in with bottles for them.
Every morning when I go in, they are kicking in the beds, elated to see me. And I am equally as happy to see them. I miss them in the night time! (But not enough to wish they would wake up again! Ha!)
Friday night Josh took on bath & bed time with the boys so I could have some girl time. I went to my friend's jewelry party, chatted it up some, and then went with my mom & sister to see Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio (together again!!!!) in Revolutionary Road.
It was a great movie. Very thought provoking. But this guy in the theater totally fell asleep & was SNORING! I was pissed! I looked forward to it ALL WEEK long. So I yelled, "Sir! Sir! You are snoring!!!"
Thank God he woke up & I was able to enjoy the rest of my movie!



Yesterday I lived for me
and I was so alone as
I could be...
Then I saw you and how you give yourself away
And I want to live for you today

I'll give, I'll hold nothing
I'll give, I'll hold nothing
I'll give and I'll hold nothing back
My love is a lot like me
wanting nothing less t
han everything
but I know you're the only one that's true
And only giving makes me close to you

I'll give, I'll hold nothing
I'll give, I 'll hold nothing
I'll give and I'll hold nothing back

My hands are open so take what you see
And I'll keep nothing hold nothing back for me

I'll give, I'll hold nothing
I'll give, I'll hold nothing (oh nothing)
I'll give, I'll hold nothing
I'll give, I'll hold nothing(oh nothing)

I'll give and I'll hold nothing back
These wonderful lyrics are from a Smalltown Poets album I have. I was listening to it yesterday & I teared up. Becoming a mommy has changed me. I really do feel like I am giving all my best to my sons. And it feels amazing to sacrifice for them.


I have been following this blog for a while now (I went from one twin blog to another & another) and my heart simply BREAKS for the Whitt family & poor little Tuesday.
Click here to check out her BLOG & say a prayer for them.
They are going to need all the help they can get to survive what is coming.


Wednesday nights my mom comes over to help with the boys during bath & bed time. We spend a lot of time playing on the floor together. These are some pics of the boys. Too adorable!


Logan Henry


Jack Sawyer



My personal favorite!

I kind of want to eat his toes!

This is my Bogan boy being a big kid, sitting on the couch. He has such an adorable & fascinating personality.



I am so excited about how good the boys are during floor time. In fact, we spend most of the evening on the floor, surrounded by toys, rolling around. I just know that real crawling is coming soon, and I am equal parts excited and dreading it!


...of when we found out we were expecting TWINS!!!

Here's a look back (via my journal) at January 29, 2008:

"Wow. So yesterday Josh and I went to my first ultrasound appointment. I am 19 weeks along, and we were looking forward to seeing the baby for the first time.
I laid down on the table, and the technician asked me if I had had an ultrasound yet. I told her that the midwife had done an internal one at my first appointment, and that we saw the heartbeat on the screen. (Like a flashing white dot)
Then at our next appointment, we got to hear the heartbeat.
As she rolled the mouse across my belly she said, "So you have had two appointments, and they didn't... and they didn't... tell you it was twins?"
I said, "Are you serious?"
Then I couldn't stop shaking and laughing and saying, "I can't believe it!"
She left the room so we could have a moment. We just held hands and talked about it. We said we will be fine, and this is wonderful. And I tried to take some deep breaths. It was so dang hot in there!!!
She came back and did the ultrasound. We told her that our agreement was that if it was twins, we were finding out. (Trying to go neutral with two babies to prepare for was a bit overwhelming to think about!)
She began to look at Baby A, who is in my lower abdomen. She checked it all out. We saw the face, the little feet, and then... that it was a boy! Oh my goodness. That's when the tears just started to trickle down my cheek.
I couldn't believe we were having a son. I am going to have Josh's son!
Then she looked at Baby B. We saw the face, and little hands. It was rolling all around in my ribs. Ouch! Then she found it's boy parts...
Another boy! My oh my! I am having two little boys. No way!
I remember lying there feeling like it was taking FOREVER for her to get to the gender part.
Then I was just crying. I can't believe how happy I was to just lie there and imagine our life with them. It's incredible. I love them so much!
After the appointment we got Slurpees (to help cool down) and then drove to all our relatives to tell them the news in person. It was exhausting! I was so emotional.
We could not have had a better surprise in all our life.
We are feeling doubly blessed, that's for sure!"

I wrote that the day after we found out. Thinking back to that day, I remember feeling like I was in a movie. Stuff like that just doesn't happen in real life! I am so thankful for my two little blessings & so happy to have them here!



Jack was so happy in his empty toy basket. What a cutie!


Playing in the johnny jump up

Having so much fun!

And taking LOTS of pictures!


I am super bummed that this picture is blurry. Roxanne was over last week and fed Logan his night time bottle. She was trying to burp him, but he was determined to stay asleep. She laid him on her leg & said he looked like the man in the moon, so I jumped up to snap a pic. We only got one picture before the flash woke him up, he burped & we put him to bed.
So precious!


There's no hope. The boys love football. Last week we took these pics of them watching football with Josh. They are addicted. Which means I am outnumbered!
I am going to need a daughter!