my sister is a mommy!

{Proud mommy Roxanne with baby boy Ferris}
She has been such a trouper and is doing well.
Blake has been an incredible support to her;
caring for both her & Ferris as she heals.

Ferris is just perfection.
We are all in love!

My favorite thing he does is suck his lips
& push his tongue out. He is just precious!

Even his sad face is adorable!

I am in love.
So are his mommy & daddy.
I had so much fun visiting with Roxanne and
holding Ferris while Blake ran a few errands today
with his dad. I feel so proud of the two of them.


Ferris Valentine Tucker...

was born Friday October 30, 2009
7lbs. 12 oz. & 19 1/4" long

Proud Auntie!!!


double the fun




{Nanny & Jack}



{my bubs}


{logan henry}

{jack sawyer}




{yummy toes}

{Logan & Jack}
Halloween 2009

water babies

{Underwater Logan}

{Underwater Jack}


Jack being independent

He gets so excited when we go swimming!

They both love the water feature at Jim Parsley Center.

Mommy & Bogans

Daddy & Jack

{Jack & Logan}
Logan, in particular, wanted his independence last Friday when we went swimming.
Posing for a picture was not on his agenda!

(Please pardon the pictures being grainy. They are from an underwater camera I purchased solely for swimming pics of the boys.)


over the river and through the woods...

to grandmother's house we go!

Great Grandma Pansy & Logan jumping on the bed.

Bounce, baby, bounce!

Outdoor adventures!

{logan, g.gma, jack}


g.gma showing the boys her garden

love how logan is holding her hand


{joyful jack}

g.gma & "gma" shirley chasing babies

{laughing logan}

this kid loves independence

jack was not so sure
about the neighbor's
loud project!

But he did love g.gma's flowers!

beachy keen

the cunningham family
{october 2009}




Jack with sandy fingers...

See mom, they're all sandy!


Mommy with her bubs
enjoying a {gorgeous} day at the beach!

I love these bubs!

Daddy giving Jack a shoulder ride.
Check out those clear skies!

And mommy giving Logan a shoulder ride.
He was loving it!

{Logan & Jack}
We were really lucky to spend the day with my grandparents and get some good sunshiny time at the beach. Who would have thought I would be able to wear short sleeves on the Oregon coast in October?
Thanks, God!
We had a lovely day...