beachy keen

the cunningham family
{october 2009}




Jack with sandy fingers...

See mom, they're all sandy!


Mommy with her bubs
enjoying a {gorgeous} day at the beach!

I love these bubs!

Daddy giving Jack a shoulder ride.
Check out those clear skies!

And mommy giving Logan a shoulder ride.
He was loving it!

{Logan & Jack}
We were really lucky to spend the day with my grandparents and get some good sunshiny time at the beach. Who would have thought I would be able to wear short sleeves on the Oregon coast in October?
Thanks, God!
We had a lovely day...


Rox said...

how fun! what a gorgeous day! i love the last picture.

Aniko said...

What great memories, I just love it. Those boys will look back at these and never once doubt that they are LOVED...........