Homemade quiz & life as of late...

What is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is dying before the boys are raised.  It breaks my heart to imagine my little boys growing up without a mother.

And your smallest?
My smallest fear is of spiders.  I hate spiders!!!

Any pet peeves?
My biggest pet peeve is when my socks get wet.  In the bathroom from the shower or in the kitchen from the boys’ sippy cups, it doesn’t matter. It makes me crazy!

If you had four more children (two boys and two girls) what would you name them?
Our girls would be:
Bailey Kate
Claire Ariella
Our boys would be:
Frankie Jay
Reid Atley

What is something you regret?
I regret not doing Running Start, a college program that ran through our high school where you could get college credits, and sometimes even graduate high school with an associates (two year) degree, for free! I didn’t do it, and I always wish I had.

What moment do you remember most of elementary school?
I remember writing stories in Mr. Boyle’s class.  I remember doing rough drafts and final drafts.  I loved that.

Who is your longest friendship with? (excluding relatives)
My longest friendship is with Maggie (Westfall) Helsel.  We have known each other since we were two years old, and were inseparable for much of our lives.  We used to rub sunscreen on our backs and “tan” under the clamp lamp on her bed. Ha! I remember thinking her backyard was really cool because she had a hammock hanging from her swingset. And I liked going to church with her because they always stopped at Fred Meyer on the way and got us maple bars!

What is the weirdest spiritual/paranormal thing you ever witnessed? (ie miracles)
Last spring Logan fell down a few steps on the stairs and when Jack met us in the bathroom, he said, “What happened?” I told him Logan bonked his elbow. Jack immediately grabbed his own elbow and said, “Ouch. That hurts.”

If you were in therapy, what would you be discussing?
Oh Lord. There are so many options! Probably right now I would be discussing my inability to stay calm with my kids (my temper has been getting the best of me) and how to fix that.

If you could learn more about any one thing what would it be?
I told Josh after we flew back to Washington in May, that in my other life, I would be a geologist. Flying over Alaska and seeing all the rocks, water, mountain and landscapes, I was reminded how much I love geology. I am a rock collector and love to learn about the earth.  Maybe when my kids grow up and I am facing an empty nest, I will go back to college and get a degree to teach geology.

Top 3 favorite desserts?
Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Tillamook Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Warm chocolate chunk brownies

Favorite nail polish?
Revlon ColorStay Passionate Pink & Raspberry Rave

Knowing what you do about my life in rural Alaska, what would you find most challenging about living here?
I find it difficult to be in the house all the time; entertaining the kids and keeping them physically active is a challenge.  I also struggle with never getting a break from the kids.  I think that is why girls nite (shout out to Leah & Susan!) is so important to me!

Everyone says they wish they had twins… Why would YOU want them?
I always wanted twins because having twins is so special.  I have always been fascinated by the bond twins share, and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to witness it firsthand with Logan & Jack.  Last night at dinner Logan said something completely incomprehensible.  For the life of me, I could not have told you what he said. So I scolded him, "I have no idea what you just said. Don't talk with your mouth full." To which Jack replied, "He said, Ouch! That burnt my finger." Josh and I just sat there staring at each other.  We couldn't believe he had known what Logan said...
The answer most people give me is that they entertain each other. Let me assure you, if that is why you wanted twins, or you thought it would be nice to get it “all done” in one fell swoop, it is a serious price to pay for being done all at once.  The boys didn’t play together well until they were at least two, and still now, at age four, the nice, cooperative play is barely worth the amount of fights they have.  Now that I have Wyatt, I see more each day exactly what I missed in having multiples my first time around.  Rocking them to sleep, feeding them, playing… everything I did was shared and I was constantly guilt-ridden.  I recently read Identical Strangers and the girls were separated because of a handful of studies that claimed twins were better off reared apart, both for the twins’ and for the parents’ sake.  These studies have since been refuted, but I have to say, I found myself nodding with their logic.  Parents of multiples are exhausted, more likely to suffer post-partum depression and more likely to divorce.  It has not been an easy road, and I am constantly juggling what is good for “him”  (the individual twin) with what is good for “them” (the twins). 

Favorite ALL TIME (could read a hundred times) books?
Sea Glass by Anita Shreve
Fortunes Rock by Anita Shreve
Barefoot by Elin Hildebrand
The Island by Elin Hildebrand

Please answer these questions,  post them on your blog, and e-mail the link to me.
I would love to read all your answers!!!

Life as of late:

 Last week the afternoons dragged on and on with the kids. So I decided to make this week different.  I have been more focused on playing with them, getting on the floor, making lego castles and coloring superheroes.  So far, it has been paying off big time.

I am hopeful the trend continues because Josh leaves tomorrow for Hooper Bay for teacher training with the district for three days.  I am excited for him to go to Hooper Bay because it is on the coast, and he is going to get to see the Bering Sea!!! But I must admit to you that this trip is making me crazy nervous. I am somewhat scared to be here by myself with the kids.  I am terrified something bad will happen to one of them and I won’t know what to do.  And I am also nervous for Josh to travel, as I always am. I am praying he makes it back to us in one piece.

 I am feeling good right now.  Last week, in addition to the kiddos driving me nuts, I was uber exhausted all the stinking time.  This week is better.  Josh and I are back to working out each night, and it feels so good.  I have also been journaling and writing down my blessings everyday, which really helps my state of mind.

I am sad some days, and on those days, I try to let the feelings wash over me, knowing they will never stick around too long. The kids keep me too busy to be sad for long!  I would say, though, that a majority of the time, I am very happy here.  I miss people, yes. My mom, my sister, my dad, Julie… But I have also been reminded lately what a blessing it is to be home.  I am so grateful that I am the one here, day in and day out, with the baby.  I am so grateful to be the twins’ teacher, showing them shapes & colors & how to write their names.

School Project!
In addition to preschool and playing with the kids, I have been busy organizing and cleaning in preparation for our first visit of the year. Josh’s parents will be here on Saturday, and the boys are beyond excited.  They made countdown chains, and every morning they try to tell me it’s actually less days until they get here. So funny! 

One of the major projects I wanted to get done before their arrival was the pantry.  With three humongous Walmart boxes full of groceries on the living room floor, and the pantry looking like a mini-tornado hit, I had my work cut out for me. 

It took me most of last Saturday to completely empty, reorganize and get it back in working order, but it was totally worth it.  I am so happy to have it done!

This morning I walked Josh to the door to kiss him good-bye, and there, on Howie’s workbench on the rail, was a moose head, watching as we kissed. Only in Alaska, folks! Only in Alaska.

See the "double rainbow"?
I am officially on the countdown to thirty—54 days and counting… (My birthday is November 18th)  In honor of my first birthday here in Alaska, I am putting up a wishlist page.  I am really excited to turn thirty. I am excited that thirty means Josh and I will be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary.  I am excited that this is the first time in a long time where I truly feel the age I am turning.  And I am happy to say that I am exactly where I thought I would be when I turned thirty. A stay-at-home mom with three boys, a beautiful home, and an adoring husband. I feel like a very lucky girl.

In addition to a birthday wishlist for myself, I will be putting up a Christmas wishlist for the boys as well.  Both can be found under the heading, on the “Wishlist” page.

Please comment on how amazing these rainbow photos are... I almost died running down the stairs, out the door, off the ramp, up the muddy hill and into the middle of the road in the pouring rain to capture them after seeing them out my bedroom window. They had better been worth it!
Word on the street is that we should be getting internet at the house as early as mid-October (three weeks or so) but I am not holding my breath. In the meantime, know that I miss you. I miss blogging for you, I miss reading your blog posts, and I miss feeling connected in this crazy life we live as mothers.  And also please forgive me my intermittent posts.  I get to the school when I can, but most nights, honestly, once the kids are in bed, all I want to do is lay on the couch and read my most recent Elin Hildebrand novel!


fablesis said...

The rainbows are great, and the moose head isn't too shabby either. :-)

Barb Miller said...

The rainbow photos are gorgeous! And I know you will do fine while Josh is away. I'm praying for you that all will go well for the whole family, including Josh, while he is away.

And I am so happy to see a blog post...I love your blog!

allie. said...

I took your quiz and posted it on my blog! Here's the link:


Aniko said...

It was great hearing from you, the pictures are beautiful it brought back my own memories of Alaska. The pantry...A+ I did ours Sunday and it was quite the chore so I completely understand. The boys look wonderful, they are growing so fast. I'm sure Josh's trip will go fine and I will keep you all in my payers, I'm glad you'll be having company soon, that will be a nice break.

Something I know you don't see because your living it, but what I noticed this summer was a beautiful woman who has come into her own, your sense of humor was beautiful and your spirit reflected inner peace.

Your a great mom, wife, daughter, and friend, but most importantly you are a wonderful you.

I love that you have an interest in geology and a plan, very good for those bla days, here's hoping your Internet gets there sooner than later as your bogs are a real treat, much love to you all,

Rox said...

Haha, YES, your rainbow pictures were worth it! I love rainbows. Did you know we saw a rainbow the day after Gregg died? I found it peaceful.
I'm happy to hear your afternoons are going better. I'm telling you, sometimes you just have to join them in their craziness, right?!

Katie said...

It was fun to read your quiz! And the rainbow pictures are so pretty!

Marilynn Raatz said...

The rainbow is gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing!! I love your school project! So pretty. I can tell you're finding your way to a routine that works. I hope your internet becomes available very soon! I miss your posts. Talk to you soon!
Love Mom xoxo

Shelly Cunningham said...


Shelly Cunningham said...