daddy & the boys go to the beach

{Logan & Jack}

Just hanging out
in Seaside
with Daddy..


{Laura & Logan}

Auntie Laura pitching in & changing Bogey's diaper.
Josh said everyone was so awesome with the boys.

No high chairs meant free range eaters.

Time to get out of the hotel & hit the beach!

{Daddy & Jack}

{Rebecca & Logan}

She is such an amazing cousin.
She LOVES the boys.
And is SO helpful!

Gorgeous day for digging in the sand.

{Jack & Grandma Carol}


Carol, Lisa & the girls spent the weekend at the beach.
Josh decided (with Laura's help) to take the boys (by himself!) to the beach for a day trip to visit grandma.
I was home sick (sniffle, sniffle) and Josh thought I could use a day of rest.

{Jack & Rebecca}


And it's a doozy!
(He wanted the camera)

After beach play, it was time for dinner!
{Lisa, Mariah, Rebecca & Carol}

Logan contemplating tortilla chips.


They were in their jammies because they had already had baths.

{Laura & Jack}

Hit the road, Jack!

Home we go.

A great time was had by all,
according to daddy.

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