Why is it that some lessons we have to learn over & over?
Just when I think I have a handle on my life,
God throws a challenge my way.

Carol having a growth.
Me needing to find different care for the boys.
Josh needing to pass a test.

It's always something new & different.
That brings with it serious stress.
And doubt.

Always the doubt.

Then, in the moment I need Him most, God prevails.

Carol's {soccer ball size} growth was removed today.
And was cancer free.

My sister & sister-in-law's have all agreed to care for the boys.
They will pitch in {for free} to help Josh & I get through.

And Josh found out today that he

God is good.
God is faithful.

And I need to trust.


Julie said...

I'm watching them for free?! I didn't know that was part of the deal. I thought I was going to get rich. JK! Faith is hard! I'm glad Josh passed his test!!

Rox said...

I totally feel you on that! You should listen to the song "That's Life" by Michael Buble! And "Sounds Like Life to Me" by Darryl Worley. Both have a good message that might make you feel a little better!
Just keep rolling with the punches sister!

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

I LOVE the song "That's Life" by Michael Buble. It's one of my favorites actually, and totally fits what's going on these days!

Kristy said...