Yes, Poison Control???

So last Friday Josh had to run some errands and took Jack with him. I stayed at the house with Logan, and my sister-in-law Andrea and her son Gustav were over. The boys were playing while Andrea and I visited. Then it seemed like it was too quiet, so I stepped into the kitchen to find Logan sitting in front of the sink with the cupboard door (which has a child magnet lock on it) open, holding a Windex bottle facing him. His shirt was soaked, and I smelled his mouth: very Windex-y. Uh oh.
Yes, Poison Control???
My 22 month old son has been squirting Windex in his face.
How much? I'm not sure.
His mouth smells like it, and his shirt is all wet.

Fast forward a half an hour. (I have been informed that Windex is mostly water and that he will probably be just fine. That without unscrewing the lid it's unlikely that he ingested that much.)
While eating dinner his eyes start watering, and he tells me "Mommy, owie." So I call again. And I shove his face under the water faucet to rinse them out. She tells me to watch for infection from the Windex weakening his eyes' immunity.

Sure enough, yesterday his eye started weeping and we had to head to Urgency Care to get eyedrops for an infection. Poor baby.

What really kills me is that I only had to watch ONE kid, and couldn't do it properly. Ha!


Rox said...

Poor Bogey Boy!! I hope the infection clears fast.

Eileen said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. I had to call poison control twice with Margaret. Once for drinking perfume and I can't remember what the other one was.

LIndsey said...

Poor little guy! I hope his infection goes away soon!! Don't be to hard on yourself and Just remember you are a GREAT mom!

Andrea said...

It wasn't your fault. I am glad that he's okay. I agree with Lindsey that you're a great mom. Plus we all are not perfect. :)

Aniko said...

Oh honey, don't be so hard on yourself. Tyrone set my neighbors kitchen on fire when he was a toddler, pot holder to the top of the stove. I had to call the poison control when he drank armor-all at 4 and I had to call 911 when I thought Sammy got into my mothers very dangerous highly narcotic medication. Thank God for guardian angles and poison control.

Sarah said...

MAN!!!!!! BUMMER!!!! Oh the joys of mommyhood! Don't be so hard on yourself Shelly! I did this to my mom on a DAILY basis when I was a kid.I hope he learned his little lesson about getting into the cupboard under the sink! I wonder if windex tastes good? Ohhh anyway! I hope he kicks this infection fast, and I'm sorry for the heartache it cost you! OH and thanks for the poison control number!