Summer Fun: Cougar Farewell

Before this summer begins, I'd like to get all the adventures of last summer blogged.  So I am starting a Summer Fun series, full of sunshine and happy memories. 
A few days before we left Washington, we had one last hurrah at Cougar.

 Cougar is a campground with a reservoir waterfront where we love to swim.

Nephew Isaac

 Nephew Ferris

 Nephew Milo 
Well, hello baby legs!

 Sleepy Wyatt
Milo & Ferris:




This is my favorite.
Mommy surrounded by little men.

 Ferris Valentine

 Lovin' the stink eye!

 My sister Roxanne and Jack Jack

Model girl!

 Wyatt didn't like being in the water,

so we brought the water to him.

When our day of fun in the sun was over, we all moseyed to the dusty, gravel parking lot to say goodbye.  My sister was sobbing and I felt a heaviness in my chest.  That day felt like the real goodbye with her.

Now, as I am typing this, I'm envisioning our summer, in just one month (!) living next door to each other.  I can't wait!  Sharing our five boys, five and under, going to the zoo, the library, the park.  Playing in the sprinkler, laughing & giggling.

Oh I just can't wait!

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Rox said...

Oh I'm loving all of these pictures! Such a bittersweet day... We're lucky we get to do it all again though!