Our Christmas break was three weeks long, so anything we did out of the ordinary we made into an adventure.
One day we bundled the boys up,

warmed up the truck, which needs warming up even though it is always plugged in (We drive the school's truck when we need it to run errands to the post office or co op),

and we drove to the dump to get rid of our Christmas trash.

The dump is just up the road from us, and often when it burns we can smell it.  (... not so lovely)
There are humongous ravens that call the dump "home", and I swear when I watch them take off, I can't believe they can get into the skies.  They are plump like well-fed house cats, and watching them lift into the air is amazing.

This little one is always happy to be out of the house.  It's strange to have a picture of him with no glasses.  But when they wear a scarf to help with the cold, it causes their glasses to fog up instantly, which frustrates them to no end. So I tend to leave their glasses at home.

This Christmas, he was wishing for his two front teeth.  
In fact, he's still wishing for them.  

I love getting out of the house because I love a change of scenery.

Tundra as far as the eye can see.

This is the Russian Orthodox church downtown.  I love the steeple.

The sunset is so stunning.  I only wish it wasn't so early! This was probably around 3pm.

I feel so blessed to live in a place where natural beauty abounds.  Where a quick stop at the post office turns into some insane photographs of the wild Yukon River.  

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