House cleaning for me is a thing of the past.
The boys have now taken over.
And while I have had to lower my standards (ex. sweeping does not always lead to cleaner floors) I find that I am enjoying the extra time to myself.

Jack is probably the best helper, as he can stick with the task longer;

Whereas Logan (with the swiffer mop) tends to keep trading tools (mop for broom, broom for mop, etc.) as opposed to actually CLEANING with the item he has. We are hoping this improves.


Rox said...

You crack me up.
I love Logan's worried eyebrows in pic #1. And what is Jack's owie on his arm?

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

Logan was "worried" that Jack was going to take his Swiffer, and as for Jack's owie... it was TINY flea/bug bite- that he scratched and scratched and scratched. Now it's HUGE! So we bought some waterproof bandaids that he can't get off. What a headache!