I am totally fascinated by how others live. What does their laundry room look like? What color are their towels? It's weird, I admit. In any event, I love when other people post pictures of their homes... so I thought I would post some of mine, humble as it is.This is the side of our fridge. The boys had newborn first year calendars that I LOVED for the simplicity. So I made them second year calendars to continue the memory making. I also made our family calendar this year, with pictures of the boys from last year. Too fun!

If you wonder how I spend my time- this is it.
Wash it, dry it, fold it.
Wash it, dry it, fold it.
My mom always says, "Ohh, baby laundry is so cute!"
Ummm, it has lost its magic for me.
Does anyone know how to bring it back?

As much as I may complain about laundry, I truly don't mind it near as much as I did when we lived in our apartment and had to go downstairs & share the machines with our six neighbors. We now live in a duplex, with a front & back yard, and our own washer & dryer hookups that we promptly put to use.

I am {still} in love with my RED Kitchen Aid Mixer, even after six years. She helps me make all my favorite comfort foods, cinnamon rolls at Christmas time & cookies year round.

{Love Jack's hand in this one!} This is my refrigerator now. Covered in pictures of my beautiful boys & all our family & friends. And as you can see, even the fridge has been turned into a play thing!

We found this great "bookshelf" (AKA room divider) and have put it to good use storing the boys' toys. I love it so much- mostly for the extra counter space it provides for the diaper basket, diaper bag & my purse.

Can I say it enough? Josh hung this shelf under our front window at baby height for easy access. They LOVE it!

And we also got a new pet... our horsey. It was a gift from Nanny & Papa for the boys. Logan particularly loves it!


Marilynn said...

Are you sure that hunk of a mixer is a girl? Pretty muscular if you ask me!

Emily said...

I have that Ikea bookshelf!! I'm pretty sure I bought it with your sister! I love it too. I keep looking for some cute baskets like yours to put in there. Where did you get yours??

Juli and Scott said...

I have the same mixer!!! In red! See we are destined to be bffs- twin boys and a red kitchenaid! It was great to see you the other day and the boys are loving the Johnny Jump up- thanks for loaning it to us :O)

Rox said...

I am so impressed with your home improvements! Although a slight bit jealous that I wasn't there to help because organization is our THANG! Using that as a room divider- just genius. Along with Em, Sarah has one in her daughter-to-be's nursery! I can't wait to get home and see it in person. I'm confused on where the zigzag bookshelf is.

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

My baskets are from Babies R Us. They used to sit under the boys' cribs, full of baby stuff, but now that I've passed some of that on to Roxanne, I freed them up!

Lynnette said...

So cute that you posted this since we just moved a bunch of stuff to our new space and I finally posted pictures! Oh and I too love my kitchenaid, although mine is colbalt blue :)

Kristy said...

oooh, i love organization too! i love seeing how others organize their spaces too! :)
we have that "bookshelf"! its in the playroom and its packed with toys! ikea is the best. ever.