This is Logan & Jack's newest baby girl (they already have one baby from their birthday) and unlike the boys, she came with all the gear she needed. Binky, booties & a stroller.
Logan forgot to take the baby out before working on the mechanics of his stroller. Luckily, she is a tolerant baby and crying was minimal.

Jack, being the good daddy he is, decided he better try her binky out first to make sure it was okay!


Tay said...

That's so cute!! Gustav would love to meet the new baby. :)

Claroux said...

Your boys are TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! I LOVE this post. It's so cool that you embrace their interests in toys that are "outside the box." We TOTALLY do the same thing with our girls. Whatever they are in to is great - we don't give it a second thought. I HATE that people STILL adhere to old stereotypes and such. For the past year or so my girls have been OBSESSED with Thomas the Train. And when people ask what they are into or for gift ideas and I say Thomas they are always like "really???" My only compliant is that I asked Maddie what kind of undies she wanted in anticipation of a move towards more aggressive potty training and she replied "Thomas." I think I need to write to the company and tell them they need to make Thomas panties for girls! LOL!

Anyway - thanks for commenting the other day. I plan on being totally honest with regard to "twins + one" and so far my story has stayed the same - it's AWESOME! We certainly were NOT trying for another baby since it took us years of fertility treatments to have the girls but I am SOOOO glad that we have been blessed with little Jackson. I can't imagine life without him. And as a side note (I want to talk about this in my blog but I don't have the time to write a coherent post these days) I think I actually have it easier than my friends who have a second baby after a singleton. My girls have never been solo stars of the show. They are used to having to wait their turn. They understand that instant gratification is not a given. I think all these skills that they already had from always having a sibling has made their transition into "big sisters" so seamless!

good luck if you decide to try again :-) PS - sorry this is so long!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I just love how you share your lives with us. It allows me to keep up with the boys and you two in this crazy busy world. I love your patience and the utter joy that your blog displays. You and Josh are such great parents. No wonder God blessed you with Twins.

Aniko said...

For some reason my last comment was published as anonymous, but as you know I am anything but....lol....