the pumpkin patch {2009 edition}

{Logan & Jack}

Daddy with Jack in his backpack

Mommy with Logan in his backpack



The boys on the mini tractor

{Farmer Logan}

{Farmer Jack}

The hay maze.

The boys were fascinated by all the
animals at Bi-Zi Farms.

Roxanne helped with the boys while Josh video taped.

Jack & Logan both mooed when we showed them the calves.

Here is the boys' cousin Gustav signing "chicken".

I loved the rabbit.
The boys weren't so sure.

Double vision

Logan wanted up-up-up around
the turkeys. I can't blame him!

Daddy & our Bogey boy

Jack was very serious while watching
many of the animals.

I can't get enough of their new hats.
{Love 'em!}

Grandma Carol & Papa Carl were even able to make it to the Annual Cunningham Pumpkin Patch Trip. Grandma was in a wheel chair because of her recent surgery. She said she wears out easy. Papa was in a wheel chair because of a recent motorcycle accident. Both are doing better, thankfully!

Grandma was very happy to see her boys.

Jack was very excited to see Grandma.

But Logan was even more excited!

The snuggles he gave her...

{just warmed my heart}

and hers.

We took up the WHOLE wagon on the ride to the pumpkin patch.

On the ride to the fields we fed the boys their morning snack.


My sister Roxanne & her husband Blake were able to join us.
They were a great help, and had fun with the boys.

That bump under Roxanne's sweatshirt is NOT a pumpkin.
She is having the boys' cousin at the end of the month.
For a cute post on her blog about Bi-zi farms, click HERE.

This year was so different from last year.
The boys were able to run around, play with the pumpkins,
enjoy the animals, and get REALLY dirty!

Not only were all the Cunningham's there,
but Cousin Januari & her kids, Juliane & Jay, were there.
Jay has the {gorgeous} red hair you see above.
And you can also see Ethan, our oldest nephew.

{my favorite}

Aunt Roxanne & Jack
Uncle Blake & Logan

Daddy & his happy, hay riding boys

Logan& Mommy & Jack
{having way too much fun}

That HUGE pumpkin makes them look small for once!


Just before we left, Roxanne helped me prop the boys on the big-boy tractor for a picture while Josh & Blake washed our pumpkins.


The Adelman Twins said...

cute pictures! looks like you all had fun! thanks for the latest bag of clothes for mason and orion- i especially like the hats!

Julie said...

I think they look more alike with their hats on which is funny since they're both such blondies. You got some really cute pictures! I like the one of them by the giant pumpkin.

Aniko said...

I love the pictures, thank you for sharing your happy day. The boys are growing so much, what a joy.

Rox said...

I like my hand in the last picture- it reminds me of 'Thing' from Adam's Family!

Aniko said...

I really love how each of your pictures represents a moment in time. In the process of going through old photos I am finding that I am throwing out 10 for every one that I keep because there is no significance to a memory. It's always a pleasure.