recipe book re-do

For the last year I have fought with my tiny recipe box.  
Sorting, organizing, searching, cursing.

 Finally in a moment of clarity, I decided I had had enough.

I brainstormed for an afternoon what recipe-organization-perfection would look like for me.

Enter Amazon.
I ordered a two-inch binder, a set of dividers and package of 100 sheet protectors.
Two weeks later my package arrived.

Then I set to work separating recipes into like groups:
  • Main Courses
  • Dessert
  • Fruits & Veggies
  • "kids" (ie playdough, flubber, clay)
  • Breads
I taped the recipes that were one-sided onto printer paper.  
The ones that were two-sided, I just slid into the sheet protectors.

Then I took all the cutouts I had saved from sorting through my pile of magazines and made a fun cover for it.  Every time I pull it out, it puts a smile on my face!
It is super cute and organized and functions exactly as I need it to.


Amos said...

Fun! A Cunningham Recipe Book, all your own! How special. Imagining your boys in the future with their families sifting through it, priceless! (Great job btw)

Rox said...

Love your neat handwriting. I'm proud of you, homesteader!