Today was a kind of cool day for me.  I woke up and got ready for the day while Josh fed the boys, then I took Wyatt to his two-year Well Child checkup with his pediatrician, whom I love.  I just saw her two weeks ago for the twins, and was excited for her to see Wyatt.

He is big for his age, which I already knew, and a little bit short, which I had assumed.  But what I was unclear about was his developmental status.  It was awkward to bring it up, so I just said, "I don't want to be one of those moms who thinks her kid is brilliant, but..." and Dr. V cut me off and said, "But you think your kids' brilliant?" and laughed.

I showed her how he knows the letters of the alphabet with his flashcards; told her he can spell his name, count to twenty, recognizes shapes and tell us where he's from; and she heard with her own ears how articulate he is and how amazing his sentence structure is for a two year old.  We got done talking and she said, "He's absolutely advanced.  Gifted.  He is smarter than some children entering kindergarten."

It took my breath away.  I mean Josh and I had wondered.  We had talked. We had done a little google searching to see what we could see... but to hear my pediatrician confirm that this little guy we have is something special was really awesome.  I feel so proud of him.

From here, she suggested I let him participate in as much school as possible with the twins, allowing him to dictate when he does or doesn't participate.  We agreed that it's very important that we follow this through at his own pace.  It makes me really excited to start kindergarten with the twins, doing sight words and math... and see if Wyatt can keep up.

Well, now that I am done bragging (thanks for allowing me!) I will share some of the hilariousness that has come out of the mouths of our bubbly, chatty boys these days:

Saturday was Wyatt's birthday and as I was rocking him for his nap, I said, "Wyatt, today is your birthday? Remember when you were born?"
He responded, "I bonk my head."
So I asked, "How did it feel?"
And he said, "Happy."

Later that afternoon we were at a party at my Aunt Linda's house, for my cousin Savanna (who just graduated with her high school diploma and her two year college associate's degree) and as we said goodbye, Aunt Linda was holding one of her little chihuaua's.  Wyatt looked out the car window at her and said, "My have it?" So Linda came around and let him pet her.

Then on the drive home he said, "Linda's dog was so cute. So cute, mom."

The other day when I was changing Wyatt Jack blew raspberries on Wyatt's belly, and Jack goes, "He loves it when I blow rose-berries on him.  That's his favorite."

We were in the car, waiting for Josh to get a movie at RedBox, and the guy next to us had a little dog on his lap.  Jack goes, "I want that little dog. I would smush it in my pocket."  He stopped for a minute, and I was laughing hysterically because I always say that about cute babies. I say, "Oh, I would just take you home in my pocket!"

He said, looking at me all serious, "I would take it out to feed it! And to share it with Wyatt," he thought for a minute, "But you would have to clean up the poop."

The other morning the twins were being really quiet (never a good sign) and as I walked into the dining room, they were at the table with crayons and a coloring book, whispering.  I listened and realized they were making a list of all the naughty things they would like to do if they could wake up at night while I was asleep.  On the list was: driving (Jack would take the wheel and Logan the pedals); pouring whip cream in their mouths; and eating all the chocolate in the house.

Of course they can't write, so their "list" was just jibberish letters, but I heard them whispering all the things to each other. It was hilarious. And also very naughty.  So we had a talk about imaginary plans and real plans...  Ha!

We take the boys swimming when we can on Friday afternoons because it's only $2 per person at our favorite place.  Last week we took the boys and when we were loading them in the car, I was telling the twins that when mommy & daddy take them to do something special, it's really nice if they say thank you when it's over.  So they each said thank you for taking them to the pool, and as I was buckling my seatbelt Wyatt says quietly from the back, "You're welcome, mom.  I had a good bath."

That same ride home, Jack was asking how much money it was go to swimming. So I told him it was $2 for me & daddy & him & Logan.  Before I even finished talking, he goes, "So it was $8?"  He can do math so quick in his head! I was blown away!

There is rhubarb growing in our backyard here, and I harvested some with the twins this weekend.  Jack wanted me to make pie right away with it, but I told him I would have to wait until I could get together with Nanny (my mom) so she could show me how to do it.  He looked impatiently on the top of the microwave and goes, "But you have your book, mom!" referring to the recipe book that I made in the spring.  I explained that even if you have a recipe, it's sometimes helpful to have someone actually show you how to do it, especially if it's your first time.

The twins both use the word "very" instead of "really."
"Mom, I tried it, but I don't very like it."
"That toy is not very working."
"I didn't very eat that much."

On Father's Day I took all the kids to Fred Meyer to get some groceries and hair gel for Josh for Father's Day.  The twins really wanted me to get a "car cart".  I told them they are too big for it, and I didn't want to get it for Wyatt, because it's for two kids, not one.

Logan said, "Well, maybe when we get little again we can go in it."

I explained that growing only goes in one direction, that once you're big, you don't get to be little again.  "Why?" he asked. I told him that's just the way it is.  He seemed disturbed by that.

Today when I got home from Wyatt's doctor appointment (where he had a shot, cried very little, and was quite the "brave dragon") Jack was running in to use the bathroom when he said, "Mom, guess what?  Dad put jello in his hair," he grabbed the hair gel off the counter, "This one, mom.  This new jello you got him for Father's Day!"

Parenting the last few days has been really tough.  The twins are fighting a lot.  Jack is pushing limits and testing boundaries, and Logan is using his hands (hitting, punching, pushing) instead of his words.  Plus Wyatt has joined the fray and is now as bad as the twins about playing fight game or wrestling, and can often leave the twins in tears.  And his tantrums-- oh my holy-- that kid can throw a tantrum.  And I swear as I am carrying him to his bed for a timeout, he weighs double what he would when he's being agreeable!

But last night, when all three were asleep, and Josh and I had finished our "date" of frozen pizza and This Is 40 (hilarious!), we snuck in to spy on them as they dreamed.  Wyatt was asleep the short way in his crib, with his chubby piggies poking out between the rails; Jack was asleep with his Santa Bear on his chest, his arms wrapped tight around it; and Logan was asleep like a wild child, sprawled out across his bed, stuffed animals everywhere.  Josh leaned over and kissed the two big boys' foreheads, causing a tear to come to my eye... He is such an awesome dad, and they are such amazing boys. I just felt really blessed in that moment.  We had had a great Father's Day- he worked on the riding lawnmower that's here but not running, and the boys and I went on a bike ride and played out front a lot. Josh's brother and his girlfriend came by, and that was really nice. Just to visit, sitting in the front yard, eating homemade chocolate chip cookies, watching as cars drove by.

It's nice to know that we can take a day to slow down when we need to. It's been fun, so far this summer, to stop when the kids say or do something hilarious and write it down.  It's been wonderful, each night, to slow down, read stories, share kisses and make memories.

The other day I began telling myself, "Slow down" any time I noticed my heart was racing or I was feeling anxious.  It is working like a charm, that little reminder to breathe, be in this moment, to not rush these days with our boys.

I hope that as summer begins for you (whoever you are, wherever you are) that you, too, can remember to slow down.  It's such a beautiful thing.

"Slow down. Calm down.
Don't worry. Don't hurry."
-Alexandra Stoddard


Rox said...

Hooray for Babyham! I'm not surprised at ALL that Dr. Vaughn was impressed. I'm simply blown away by Wyatt and all that he can say and do. He LOOKS like a baby but talks like a 4 year old.
Great pictures, all of Wyatt's outfits look adorable on him. Papa reading to him is heart warming!

Krystal said...

Way to go Wyatt!

Emily said...

My Penny talks about being a baby again all the time. She wants her hunky back! Adorable pictures Shelly!

Emily said...

Not hunky. Binky. Darn autocorrect.