it takes a village

I am still feeling crummy (nearly six days in) from my wisdom teeth extraction.  I went back to the dentist yesterday, and he assured me that my progress, while slow, is steady, which is what he wants to see. He said I might have a bit of dry socket on the lower right, where my pain is more persistent, but he was hesitant to pack it because that actually slows healing.

I assured him the pain was bearable, and promised to keep taking the vicodin, even though I loathe how it makes me feel.  I am able to eat a little more regular food, which has helped how I feel, and I have been able to nap a few times each day. 

I really thought once the weekend was over, I would be fine.  Josh has had professional development training in Portland all week, and since I thought I would be well, I had zero help lined up for the kids.

Thankfully my mom, sister and Josh's mom and sister Julie have really stepped up to the plate.

My mom has come everyday, taking care of the house (cleaning, cooking, doing laundry) and has made sure the boys have some fun each day.

My sister has popped over to drop things off, watched the boys at the last minute (and loaned me her car!) and been so helpful.

Josh's mom watched the boys Sunday afternoon and drove Josh to his meeting on Monday so I could have the car, just in case.

Julie came the day of surgery, as well as another day this week, and took the boys home with her, so I could rest in peace.  The boys had the best day, and I got to sleep.

It has been really hard to be down.  To take medicine that makes me dizzy and sleepy.  But having these women around who love me, love my kids, and are willing to sacrifice (time, work, effort) on my behalf, is amazing.

I almost feel embarrassed each day as I thank my mom for all she has done. I just can't believe that she loves me enough to stick around and wash my dirty sheets, feed my crazy children and vacuum our filthy carpet.

We are lucky to be so loved by so many.
That love is helping the healing process so much.

I guess that's why they say
it takes a village.

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Marilynn Raatz said...

I am so happy to be able to help. I remember a couple of times when you were sick in Marshall, and I soooo wanted to be able to. I love you and the boys so much that it really is a labor of love.