Camping at Cougar :: Day 5

The morning of the fifth day, we woke up and started packing.
The boys played while us grown ups were hard at work.
The last day of camping is always bittersweet.
So much fun has been had,
and everyone's ready for a shower, 
but it's hard for it to be over!

The worst is that once the car is loaded, you know the work isn't even half over. You still have to unload the car at home, and then the real work begins-- unpacking and LAUNDRY!

The nice thing is that our big boys are old enough to help.  They were awesome carrying everything into the house and helping unpack their bags.

I am so thankful, now that I am home in Alaska, that I have these wonderful pictures to look back on.  We are making memories for our boys that they will treasure forever, and that, to me, is worth all the laundry in the world!

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Marilynn Raatz said...

I couldn't agree more. And isn't it funny that the following year while we get ready, we don't think about the dirt, the bugs, or the laundry? So it is worth it :)
My grandsons are the cutest boys!