Care Packages

Since we arrived, we have gotten five care packages.

The first was from Mary, a blog follower.
She sent us prizes for Josh and two sets of BOB first reader books.

The second was from Josh's sister Julie.

She always knows just what to send the boys.  
Little treats, yummy cereal and she sends decorations for me for the house.

My mom sent me the candles I had ordered from Yankee in anticipation of fall weather, and she also sent me some recent People magazines, including one I requested about Kate Gosselin, whom I adore.

In addition to these three, my grandma sent us two care packages.  One full of "sick food" (soup, pedialyte, crakcers) and one full of snacks (M&M's, beef jerky & granola bars).  

We are so grateful for fun mail, letters as well as care packages, from our loved ones.  
They brighten our days!

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Emily said...

Saw your comment on 71toes. Don't know if Shawni got back to you, but those little blond boys are twins. They are her older sisters boys. Her blog is the five kids in five years blog on Shawni's blog roll.