A memory you would love to relive.

I have pondered this for days. 
If I could go back in time to any point in my life, where would I go? 
What would I do? What moments would I like to relive?

It's impossible to decide.

  • I would go back to Josh and I dating, the very beginning when everything was new & exciting, and I was all butterflies.
  • I would go back to the moment we found out we were expecting twins.
{34 weeks with twins}
  • I would go back to those first few crazy weeks with the twins and make sure I squished them up properly.
  • I would go back to being pregnant (with the twins or Wyatt) and I would feel those tiny legs squirming inside me.  I would feel those first faint flutters of amazing and revel in it.  I would go back to that moment in time when my body housed three, and I would marvel at the miracle of it.
{32 weeks with the twins}
  • I would go back to those four days in the hospital with Wyatt, when Josh and I got to pretend we were a family of three (which we never had been) and cherish every moment.


But really, if I'm being honest, I don't feel the need to travel back in time.  
I am content right here & now.  
And that feels good.


Cassie said...

Awe, I adore this. And I totally wish I could squish my kiddos' baby legs again. Such great memories and such a great read. Happy you are happy right where you are. -C

Rox said...

I would so go back to being pregnant, too! I loved it. I loved people looking at me and smiling, I love feeling the movements, and I loved preparing in anticipation! Great post. PS You and Josh were adorable!