social media

So... this is likely an indication of the day I had yesterday... 
I switched yesterday & today's topics for blogtember in my head. 

Oh well. Moving on. Today (actually yesterday) I was supposed to write about how blogging & social media has changed me.  Instead I posted my self-portrait. Either I was out of my mind because the children were driving me crazy (true) or I was wishing it was Friday instead of Thursday (also true).
Whatever the case, I have two specific instances where social media has shaped me.

One is that it has connected me.  Facebook has kept me connected with loved ones whom I now live thousands of miles away from, and blogging has connected me with new friends & followers who have joined me on this crazy rural Alaska journey.

The second is that it has inspired me.  Blogging (especially when I do it everyday) inspires me to keep improving, changing and seeing things with new eyes.  Writing about my passions (my family, reading & self improvement) keeps them alive for me.  Posts about the boys, good books and my goals keep things feeling fresh.  I love that.

Sometimes I am tempted to throw in the towel.  I look at other blogs that are bigger and better and think, "I'll never get there.  Why am I even trying?"  Or I'll see someone's Facebook status update and think, "I'm not that beautiful, my life isn't that awesome... How can I possibly compete?"  But the truth is I am exactly where I'm meant to be, and (plain & simple) I enjoy blogging & staying caught up with loved ones on Facebook.  So I keep on keeping on, reminding myself that what I see are only snippets.  Those awesome bloggers I follow have two years olds who tantrum, too.  The beautiful girls I envy have flaws they strive to hide, too.  The adventurous world travelers I know don't climb into bed at night next to the man they love with their three beautiful sons asleep down the hall.  

I guess the lesson in social media is that I don't have it all... 
but neither does anybody else.  
And that's okay.


Kari said...

I think you are beautiful. You have the best smile.
And your life is everyday to you. I love seeing the snippets you post on your blog. It's super fascinating to me - a life in rural Alaska. The boys are fun to read about. The funny things that J and L say. And seeing W grow up! :) I love your blog, that is all.

Kori Hiser said...

Sometimes I feel the same way about blogging and then I also think well shoot, I don't really have a writing voice so I probably shouldn't blog anything and/or I either put very few or no words at all.

I enjoy reading the everyday of your life and what you're up too!

Karen Hochstrasser said...

Just wanted to let you know, they way you feel when reading other peoples blogs and facebook is exactly how I feel while reading yours. I tell your dad all the time how amazing you are and how I want to be like you whenever I am blessed with kids.

Marilynn Raatz said...

I love these pictures of the boys!! I want to play with them! I miss you!