4th Of July

We woke up on the fourth of July happy to have made it safely to the KOA the night before.

We promptly got ready for the day (but not before having a muffin and some hot cocoa in Aunt Julie's famous disposable to-go coffee mugs) and headed to Rockaway Beach, where my grandparents live.

We arrived just in time for the small town parade.

When it was all over we visited and then headed back to my grandparents house.  

Then it was on to lunch at the Cow Belle (our favorite restaurant in Rockaway) and then we were off to go play at the beach.

It was a gorgeous day. My grandparents even moseyed down for a while.

The boys played some frisbee, and then let my boys bury their feet in the sand.

I so enjoyed sitting on the beach, watching kites fly,

and watching my boys enjoy one of my favorite past times.

Rockaway just has a piece of my heart.

This little firecracker had so much fun in the sand!

When we were done playing in the sand, we all got ice cream cones.  We ate them in the sunshine and then decided to head back to the campground.

On the way back up the coast, we stopped at a view point and I snapped these beauts.

I just can't get enough.

I miss the vastness of the ocean so much when we're back in Alaska.

We said goodbye to the ocean and trekked back up Highway 101.

These kids took a little snooze.

Then it was time for dinner, followed by smore's.
Wyatt loved marshmallows,

and he also enjoyed the double dipped malt ball I always buy for camping from the bulk section at Winco.  I will admit, I have been known to have my cheeks stuffed with them as well.

Our nephew Isaac made some tasty smores as well.

Everyone enjoyed sitting around the campfire and talking while the kids made and ate smores.

We opted to forgo any fireworks and instead laid low after our busy day.  The boys didn't miss it, and I had gotten my firework fill at the rodeo, so we were all content!

It was a beautiful fourth of July, filled with all things American: 
sunshine, family and, of course, Hershey bars!

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Kimberly said...

Those ocean pics are BEAUTIFUL! Really makes me want to visit the west coast!