The Happiness Project :: MINDFULNESS :: July

For July I chose to focus my Happiness Project on "Mindfulness".  
July is probably the least stressful month of my year, where I get to sit back and truly enjoy life.  With that in mind, I set out to make some goals with the intention of improving my ability to be in the moment.

If you recall, April's goal was Energy; May's was Parenthood; and June's was Friendship.  And if you have no idea what I'm talking about (What is a Happiness Project? How can I create one?) I suggest you purchase Gretchen Rubin's book.  It is so inspiring.

So, on to this months' goals:

1) Pay Attention to my Body

-keep my shoulders down
-be warm enough

Funny as some of those may be, I find that when I listen to my body's cues, I am a much happier girl!  And when you are chasing three littles around, finding time to eat and pee can sometimes be a challenge!

2) Take Time to Listen to my Instincts

There have been times where I haven't trusted my gut and later I regretted not listening to my inner voice.  This month I hope to slow down enough to hear my own thoughts and follow my instincts.

3) Meditate :: Relax :: Do nothing

To put it simply, I want to enjoy life!

I love this quote from One Thousand Gifts (another great read):
"Every time I surrender to stress aren't I advertising the unreliability of God?" 
-Ann Voskamp

I want to trust in the goodness and the happy times.  I want to enjoy the beauty around me.

4) Practice Self Appreciation

Last month I worked on extending grace to my friends, and this month I want to do the same for myself.  I will be keeping a "Good job Journal" in which I can record things I have accomplished or overcome.  I think it will help to quiet my inner critic.

5) Allow Myself to Feel How I Feel

It's important that I let my feelings exist without censoring them in any way.  Generally that means sharing them with my husband or writing them in my journal.  Once I feel them, I can let them go.  And that's the quickest route to peace.

6) Be Present, Slowly

Most of all this month, I want to stay in the moment. I want to worry not about the past, nor about the future.  I want to be right where I am, as I am, experiencing life to the fullest.



Courtney Romine said...

Thank you for this! For me, preparing for our big move has made this a very stressful month, so I appreciate the reminder to slow down and enjoy the journey!

Marilynn Raatz said...

I love this post! Inspiring!