Moses Lake :: Hotel Fun

I said it before, and I'll say it again... Our kids love hotels.  They love take out pizza, they love the tiny shampoo bottles, the miniature fridge and laying on the bed to watch TV.  But perhaps the thing they love most about staying at hotels is that we always get them microwave dinners.  They think we are the *BEST* parents on the planet because of this tradition.  (We do not contradict them.)

{Joined the craze and found Josh & Jack's Coke bottles!}
 After a crazy-nutritious dinner of limp corn and overcooked chicken nuggets served in a blue tray, 
we resume our "good parenting" duties and read to the children.  


Then we rock them to sleep and once they are out, we get to relax.  
Watch a little HGTV, order some takeout and regroup for the next day.

I so enjoy making these beautiful memories with our boys.
They are so wonderful.

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Rox said...

You are so funny! I enjoyed reading this in your voice, I laughed out loud. "We resume our 'good parenting' duties and read to the children."