Moses Lake :: The Hotel

On the way home from our family get together, we saw this awesome speed boat.  
The boys wanted to see it close up.
{Like father, like sons}


Then it was back to the hotel for baths & playtime.

Then my favorite, bedtime stories in a giant hotel bed.

{Off to dreamland}
{Love how much these boys love their bubbas}
{Watching these boys sleep is the best!}


Hotel Breakfast:
We have the whole "hotel breakfast" thing down!  

Josh and I dance around, meeting requests for waffles and apple juice, while the kids sit in their jammies discussing the plans for the day.  It makes me happy.

After breakfast the kids get dressed & watch cartoons while Josh and I get ready for the day.  We spend a fair amount of time in hotels for all the traveling we do, so our kids have the routine down pat.  It's the best!

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