Weekends around here consist of Date Night Friday,
where the husband and I watch a movie and eat the delicious pizza he makes 
once the children are in bed;
{This movie is hilarious!}
Saturday Social on Saturday morning, 
where the children run & play with their friends at the school,
and enjoy popcorn & slushees for snack in the cafeteria;

{New Seahawk inspired shoes for Wyatt from Nanny}

{Loves his kicks!}

Family Movie Night Saturday evening,
where the boys get more of daddy's amazing homemade pizza,
followed by dessert on the rug in the living room
while watching a movie all together;

and finally Sunday Football,
where we root and cheer our hearts out for the Seahawks,
while eating something yummy. 
Generally homemade chili & cornbread or homemade mac & cheese.

Weekends are my favorite.  
We have so many fun rituals that we all look forward to,
 and it's just nice to spend time together and recharge our batteries for the week ahead.


As an added bonus, some sweet moments of motherhood:

At bedtime the last few nights Logan has been really sweet & lovey.  One night he told me I am the prettiest mom.  The next night he told me he loves me to outer space.

When I am putting underwear back on Wyatt after he goes potty, our faces are cheek to cheek.  And he always says to me as I dress him, "You're our mom."

Jack drew a picture for me. I unrolled it (he delivers everything in scroll fashion) and then he pointed out everything in the picture.  He and Logan were in their beds, and I was in the corner rocking Wyatt in the rocking chair.

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