A 32nd Birthday

My birthday this year was beautiful. And just what I needed after all I had been through three weeks prior in Anchorage.  I was spoiled with gifts from my mom, my sister, Josh and my bestie. It was a beautiful day, and my presents were all awesome.  But my favorite part of the day was snuggling up with my boys during quiet time to watch Lion King. 

A close second? Blowing out my candles with those three little helpers.
What joy those three boys and their dad bring to my life.


Anonymous said...

Shelly, Belated happy birthday! You look beautiful. I think the 30s are the best years for a woman. Enjoy them all. (I turn 48 at the end of this month and it has been all downhill since 40; I hope you have it better!)

I'm thankful that you have such great loved ones to celebrate with you.

Enjoy this holiday season!

Ashley said...

You look so beautiful, Shelly! Happy happy belated birthday, friend.