Thanksgiving 2014

{Jack & four of Josh's students}
For Thanksgiving this year we celebrated at the school the day before, and at our house the day of.  The schools' Thanksgiving feast is one of my favorite activities of the year.  The food is amazing, and I always love to see all the students.

My boys love it just as much as I do.  

We have a great time.  This year I was blown away by their manners and how calmly they sat and ate beside me, not even attempting to get down and run around with all their friends.  I was so proud.


The boys were equally excited to host Thanksgiving for the Marshall staff this year.
All day they kept asking if it was 3:00 yet.
I made a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, olives, pickles, brownies & pumpkin pie.  Everything was delicious and the company was wonderful.  I was so grateful to have a house full of people.  It helps distract me from the fact that I am over 2,000 miles from my loved ones.


This was the first year I dug out the wishbone to wash and save for the twins to break.

They were really excited!!!

So excited in fact that they both admitted they forgot to even wish for anything.

Luckily it didn't matter because instead of breaking with one side larger, the extra top piece busted off and flew under the table, so the twins were left with bone fragments the exact same size as each other. Josh and I laughed so hard.  


This year I found myself thankful above all for Josh.  For my birthday I got Tyler Knott Gregson's new book, Chasers of the Light, and when I found this poem, I instantly thought of my sweet husband.

are the poem
I never knew how to write
and this life
is the story
I have always 
to tell."

Tough as the last few months have been, I wouldn't trade any of it.  
This life we have, these beautiful children we've made... they're worth it.
And I'm so grateful for all of it.

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