The Portland Airport

Our arrival in Portland was a bit scary at first.  We came in for a landing, and at the last minute, the plane pulled up and we circled around.  The pilot reassured us there was just traffic on the runway, but Jack and I were both terrified.  (Our family had been separated because our reservation was for the emergency exit aisle, and no one under 18 years of age can sit there.  So they had to re-seat us.) Josh had Wyatt and Logan with him.  Wyatt had fallen asleep, and woke up as we were headed back into the clouds.  He was not a happy camper.  Jack and I just held hands and I prayed and prayed we would be able to land safely and see our family who was waiting anxiously below.  

We did indeed land safely, and before we knew it, I was following Josh and the boys to the gate where we would see our family for the first time.  I was expecting Josh's parents, my parents and maybe his brother.  Instead I was surprised to see my sister (who was supposed to be camping) and Josh's sister (who had been at Phantom of the Opera) were there, along with Josh's cousin and her kids.  I was shocked.  We are so loved, and I felt so blessed to have everyone I love there to greet us.  

I don't even remember the order in which I hugged people-- I think maybe Julie, then my sister, then my mom.  I just remember hugging my sister and sobbing.  I had missed her so much this year and was so happy to be with her again.  I also cried when I hugged my mom.  I had seen Julie during our trip to Anchorage, so we hugged, but I didn't need to bawl my eyes out from missing her for nine months. ;) Lucky her!

These are all the pictures I took of our time at the airport. I was really just in the moment, relishing the chance to hug my dad, my mother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law Tiffanie.  I was too busy enjoying everyone talking to our boys and loving on them, as I knew they would, to take pictures.

After we gathered our luggage and hugged everyone one last time, we loaded up our car (oh, how I missed our car!) and headed "home".  (This summer "home" is my in-laws' house.  I am so excited to stay with family and have extra hands on deck to help with the kids.)  

Thank you to everyone who prayed for safe & easy travels and sent us well wishes.  Logan, who had been throwing up the day before we left, was in perfect health the whole day, and we had zero flight delays.  We are blessed indeed!


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stephanie a. orefice said...

welcomeeeee back. i loved seeing the old carpet in your pictures. it will be a sad day when the new carpet is all installed. i don't love it as much. <3