Our Last Few Days In Marshall

The last few days in Marshall were, as they always are, bittersweet.  With the weather lovely enough to play outside, and the tundra turning from brown to green, it seems we are leaving just when it's getting good.  We enjoyed the spring carnival during the last week, as well as an award assembly and community feed at the school.  But to balance all the goodness, we had some hard goodbyes.  

I know I talk a lot about goodbyes, but truly unless you live this lifestyle (as my friend Ann put it) you can't grasp just how important these people become to you.  When you are so isolated, they become your family.  Need some sugar? Salsa? A can of olives? These are your girls.  We have loved, laughed and cried through the last three years together, and Krista & I are both heartbroken to see Leah go.  But, we joked, we love her enough to wish her well in her next adventure, not curse her for leaving us!

I am so thankful that our last few days together were so wonderful and that we leave each other knowing that in the world we each have at least two other solid friends who would move mountains for us if we needed them to.


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