Bush Alaska: Four Years Later

{May 2015}

{January 2012}
I thought it would be fun, after having Leah take this picture of us in Marshall, to compare it to our family coming to Marshall four years ago.  I would say we've all changed.  The twins have grown, as has Wyatt.  They've learned to read, and he's learned to talk.  Josh has gotten his master's degree and invaluable experience teaching out in the bush.  I have settled into my stay-at-home mom/homeschooling role, as well as struggled through the heartache of two miscarriages and dealt with anxiety & depression at times.  I believe we have all emerged from this year stronger & with more faith in God. 

Our goal was always five years, and when Josh signed that contract for next school year, we kind of couldn't believe it was our fifth year already!  Time truly flies right on by!  I can't wait to see what the future holds.


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