A Calm, Thriving Life

My friend Ashley over at Big White Farmhouse posed a question recently asking:
"What does a calm, thriving life look like?"

She went on to write the things that would make up a calm, thriving life for her and her family of seven.  It inspired me, in light of Josh leaving next week, to imagine what a calm, thriving life would look like for us during his absence.  I will copy Ashley's format and simply bullet the things I am going to make a priority for the next few months, keeping it simple.

  • A strong marriage:  Keeping in touch consistently throughout our days despite the distance
  • Raising good kids: encouraging kindness, and play instead of plugging in
  • Consistent blogging: Weekly blogging at the very least
  • Paying down debt: making large payments toward one card at a time & buying second hand
  • Quiet Time: using meditation to quiet my mind
  • Exercise: Daily for me & outside time for the boys (+ sports + swim lessons)
  • Homeschooling: creating a good routine & maintaining consistency
  • Peaceful parenting: a quiet, patient, kind mama who lingers
  • Setting expectations: Following those up with allowance & lessons on spending


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