KOA Kamping with Kousins

Every summer we go camping at the KOA in Astoria with Josh's sister Julie & her three boys.  It's one of my favorite traditions and those six boys have so much fun together!

{my twins!!!}


While we were at the beach Josh gave the boys their first pocket knives (which he got in Rockaway Beach where my grandparents live).  They have their names engraved on them, which I love, and the knives are entirely dull, but the boys were thrilled nonetheless!

{Wyatt's first camping trip in a sleeping bag, not a pack'n'play}
{Seeing our three boys sleeping in a row is maybe my favorite part of camping}
{morning cocoa}

{Hands down favorite boy activity? Football on the beach!}

{This one and his brothers rolled downhill... Sand everywhere!!!}

{Such happy boys!}

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Marilynn Raatz said...

Oh Shelly! These pictures are awesome! The joy on the twins faces getting their knives!! And the sand face! Every picture of Wyatt I want to hug him. And I w order what Logan was thinking about when he was looking at the fire? But my favorite is seeing the twins running - identically!!!