Our Little Girl

{Myra, my grandma Pansy, Alida}
While we were at the beach visiting my dad's parents, I got to look back at pictures from my grandparents' childhoods and this one of my grandma and her two older sisters has got to be one of my favorites.  Looking at it again when I got home, I realized that their parents had three girls in a row, just like I had three boys in a row.  And their fourth? It was a boy.  

 My fourth? It's a girl.  

I pretty much still can't believe it.  Although I have bought a few girl things at this point, and am referring to her as "she"... I am still in disbeleif!  The twins are really excited to have a little sister and are anxious to help out when she's born.  Even Wyatt has warmed to the idea of a sister and wants to get her the series of Knuffle Bunny books (about a little girl named Trixie) so we can read them to her.

During our drive to the beach, Josh and I discussed baby names (and shared a whole lot of vetoes) and narrowed it down to a list of six.  We spent the next day thinking about those names to see what we thought was best.

Baby Girl Cunningham, we decided, will be named Carly May.  

Carly is a name we have both loved for ages and is on either side of our families in some form or another.  Josh's parents are Carol & Carl, and when I was looking at genealogy with my grandma I saw a whole lot of German Karl's in the descendants line.  I love a name with meaning, so it makes me happy to give our girl a name that is both adorable, and meaningful.

Her middle name, May, is also meaningful to us.  May is when our first lost baby would have been due.  May is also when I found out I was expecting this sweet baby girl of ours.  And for the last four years, May has been the time when we could finally go home & see our loved ones.  Our favorite month of the year, for sure.

So there you have it,
she finally has a name!



Bad Rebecca said...

I love it! Such a meaningful and beautiful name :)

Kasey said...


Holly Parlier said...

So sweet. Carly Cunningham sounds so sweet! I was rooting for Kate myself, just because then we'd almost have 3 names the same. Hehe.

The Adelman Twins said...

I absolutely adore her name!!! Congratulations!

Ashley B said...

I have nothing against people who stay surprised until delivery (I actually wish I could have such patience!), but isn't there something so special about knowing who is inside you and calling her by name?