Two More Days...

Josh leaves on Sunday, and tonight I am finding myself to be preemptively sad.  I love having him here so much.  I love falling asleep next to him, sharing our boys with him, doing life with him.  He makes everything better and my days easier.  

I am hopeful that next week, as I adjust to him being gone again, I am able to find little things to smile about.

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Ashley B said...

I know exactly the feeling you're talking about. When Mark was working away from us a couple years ago, he would leave Sunday afternoons (we wouldn't see him again until late Friday night) and I would wake up Sunday with that lump in my throat. It's kinda the same feeling you get the day before you go home from a vacation - trying to stay happy and enjoy that last day, but sad for what's to come.
As always, you are in my prayers, mama!