Baseball is Over

The boys had their last game on Tuesday this week.  When their Thursday game was canceled due to weather, Jack sat alone in their bedroom crying while Josh was bathing Wyatt and I was making dinner with Logan. I was so grateful when he told me he'd been crying.  I hugged him some more (causing him to cry again) and assured him that this is just the beginning of his being on a team and experiencing all the fun that sports have to offer.

Jack at bat
Wyatt was quite the trooper all season
Logan at bat
Logan playing catcher
Me & my baseball bestie Bristol being silly!
Is she not the most precious thing ever?!?

Logan's not so sure he wants to play baseball again (lots of waiting in baseball... hard on a seven year old with little patience) so we may try out soccer for him.  Jack wants to play all.the.sports.  Hockey, football, basketball... You name it, he's willing to try it.  So in the spring we will take a look at our options and I'll let them choose another sport to try.  Meanwhile, I'm so grateful that baseball was such a great experience for them.  

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Marilynn Raatz said...

I'm so happy you did this for the boys!! Everyone loved you and Wyatt too!!