November & all.the.things

So a few things to note:

1) I made it!!! I blogged every single day in October! #blogtober baby!  I loved getting my draft posts cleared out, and enjoyed making time for it everyday.  I'd like to keep it up for November, so keep checking in!

Bedtime stories.  All the feels when I look at this one.

Video games at the movie theater on daddy's lap is the best!

Daddy captured big brother reading to little brother... I melted.
 2) Josh leaves tonight after the kids go to bed.  I feel all the sadness about that after an amazing week together as a family.  Prayers for strength in single parenting again for the next two months are welcome.
Got our family picture turned into a canvas & I'm loving it!
3) I am excited that it's November for a few reasons.  The first is that I always find it easier to be grateful in November because of all the lovely reminders (thank you, Thanksgiving) and being thankful makes me a happier human being.  I also love November because my birthday month.  I'll turn 33 on the 18th and am excited to spend this birthday here in the city with my mom, sister & friends.
4) I am 27 weeks today and am feeling Carly move more each day.  I am overjoyed that we've chosen a name for this beautiful blessing.  Also? My blanket from iviebaby came yesterday, and I'm dying at how precious it is.  Logan asked Josh, "Dad, did you feel Carly's blanket? Isn't it sooo soft?" It was the first time one of the boys has referred to her as Carly.  So tender.

#riseandshinemama (also? #makeupless)
5) As Josh packs to leave, I'm preparing for a fun new challenge to make November the best month it can be.  I am going to take part in the Rise & Shine Challenge.  Read all about it here and sign up!  Then go to Shawn's Instagram and follow her.  I'll be posting progress as I go and am anxious to have a little more quiet space for myself as I try waking before the boys this month.

6) I am so excited about the stack of books on my night stand.  I got Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings in the mail yesterday and in preparation of starting it, I am skimming through my notes from Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids.  Such a great refresher on peaceful parenting and I can't wait to dive into Happy Siblings when I'm done.

I am also excited to start reading Better Than Before which I picked up with my mom and sister at Barnes & Noble a few weeks back.  I love Gretchen Rubin and her Happiness Project changed my life!

And lastly, we are slowly starting up our next book in The Inspired Readers Book Club and would love to have you along for the journey!  I am leading this book (yikes!) and am about half way through (I'm reading ahead so I can come up with discussion questions), and  I am loving it!  I can't wait to find out how it ends!

Here's to a new week, a new month, and a fresh perspective.
Happy November!

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Ashley B said...

That Rise and Shine challenge sounds awesome. I think it's perfect timing for you before the baby comes too. I did something similar before TJ was born and I'm so thankful I did...there hasn't been much time for early rising reading and prayer since, haha!